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Get a Room!

You’re enjoying a delicious turkey sandwich at the Eagles Nest…maybe a bag of chips as well. A couple sits down at the table next to you. She rests her head on his shoulder. He brushes her hair back and kisses her forehead. Pretty soon the two of them are more interested in playing tonsil hockey than eating lunch.
PDA, otherwise known as public display of affection, refers to the endearment of two people, who care or love each other, in a public place. We all know what PDA is. We’ve all seen it and most of us are guilty of it. But the question here is how much is too much?
I understand that you may be so madly in love with someone that even making your relationship “facebook official” is no longer satisfactory, which is why I can tolerate PDA to a certain extent. Holding hands? Not a problem. A peck on the cheek? Adorable. But once my favorite lunch spot is turned into an arena for foreplay, we have a problem. Honestly, if I cared about your relationship I would ask you. There is a time and a place for everything and campus walk is hardly the spot to be kissing, hugging or petting.
Bottom line is, I get it. I see that you’re a fool in love and the mere thought of not being physically close to your mate may send you into spirals. But for the sake of the rest of us, give it a rest. As far as I know, we don’t come into your bedroom and show off our skills at geometry so please keep your bedroom antics where they belong…behind closed doors.