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Giant to Help Fredericksburg All Ages Shows at Third Floor Studio

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This year, Giant will be co-sponsoring concerts in downtown Fredericksburg with Fredericksburg All Ages Shows. The first in the series will be on Saturday, September 8 at 7 p.m. “The first show features Statehood and Travis Morrison Hellfighters, most of whose members were in Dismemberment Plan,” said Giant head Will Copps.

One other show has been planned for September 22, with more to follow as planning continues. The second show will feature The Receiver, who were recently profiled as an up and coming band on MTV. Also appearing will be The Byzantines and Northern Virginia rockers The Console War.

Giant’s role in the shows is to book bands, and help get students turned on to the shows. Their involvement will go as far as to provide transportation to those who would otherwise be turned away by the prospect of a long walk. More information about the shows, as well as links to band profiles, sound bytes, and additional show dates can be found at the Fredericksburg All Ages myspace page . “We are planning on doing more shows in the future and are excited about working the space in. We really want students to go downtown more and see what Fredericksburg has to offer. People can even catch an early dinner and walk over to the show after,” Copps said.