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Eagles Silence Buzz: Soccer Earns 8-0 Win Over Shenandoah Hornets

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Senior Emily Talbot may be listed as a defender on the women’s soccer roster, but that isn’t all she has to offer.

Twelve minutes into Saturday’s 8-0 blowout against Shenandoah, Talbot scored her first goal as an offensive starter.

“It was a great cross by [sophomore Molly McCluskey] and I was able to get a touch on it before shooting it into the far corner,” she said.

Before they had time to regroup, Talbot scored a second time. In just two minutes, the newest offensive hotshot provided an early indication of the pounding Shenandoah would receive.
Head coach Kurt Glaeser said he was impressed with Talbot’s performance and plans to keep her on offense.

“She’s quick and aggressive and she just seems more comfortable there,” Glaeser said. “This is [Talbot’s] first season on the soccer team. She had been playing lacrosse and we heard from the women’s coach that she could run.”

Led by the newcomer, the Eagles continued to dominate, and entered the second half up 3-0 after UMW tacked on another goal.

Shenandoah never got their defensive act together, as the Eagles pounded in goal after goal in the second half.

According to McCluskey, UMW tried to play their game without embarassing Shenandoah.

“Once we reached a certain amount of goals it was time to be respectful athletes and sportswomen and play a possession game,” she said. “At one point in the game my coach let me know I needed to continue to get back on defense and to stop taking advantage of the situation because in a more intense game I couldn’t get away with that.”

Junior Laura McCarthy had an uneventful stay in goal, making one save for the Eagles. Junior Kate Connolly had an even easier time, with zero saves.

While UMW’s defense saw little action, the Eagle offense had a field day, consistently beating defenders and outshooting Shenandoah 29-1.

The Eagles finished the game with five more goals from McCluskey, junior Hannah Pearson and freshmen Sarah Tryon, Kathleen Morgan and Lindsey Mancari.

Glaeser said there is always room for improvement, but he was happy with the game.

“We played about as well as I think you can in those kinds of games,” he said. “That was not the type of team we’ll see a lot. It’s still early in the season and we’re trying to figure out who can do what, where. There are some freshman getting a lot of playing time and we’re a deeper, more fit and athletic team than we were last year.”

The Eagles defeated Christopher Newport University yesterday 2-1 and are 3-1-1 on the year. UMW will host Messiah College Saturday at 3 p.m.

Glaeser is confident UMW can compete with any school.

“For us, in the games we’ve struggled it’s been in front of both goals,” he said. “We’re as good as any team in the middle of the field.”