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Tasty Eats Downtown

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By Kathryn Saunders

By the second week of the semester, the average student isn’t too keen on stomaching another Nest tuna sandwich.  Despite the large number of restaurants in downtown Fredericksburg, too many students turn to Ramen and Chinese food. By now, everyone has realized that adding hot sauce to your Easy Mac isn’t gourmet, so why not head downtown instead  to enjoy a little more of a fine dining experience?   All of the restaurants are student-friendly and easy on the wallet.

The least pricey restaurant on the list, Basil’s Bistro, is located in the Galleria at 909 Caroline Street and serves Italian and pizza.  Entrees range from $4.95 to $7.25.
Junior Emily Sack regularly visits Basil’s for pasta and strombolis.
“The strombolis are delicious because you choose your own fillings.” Sack says. “It is big enough for two meals and really affordable.”
Basil’s also offers handmade pizzas for $8.75 to $16.75 for a large, specialty pie.

J. Brian’s Tap Room, at 200 Hanover Street, serves up relatively inexpensive, but quality food.  J.  Brian has a regular dining room and a tap room that serves beer and wine.
Sophomore Jessica Hedrick recommends the restaurant for its relaxed atmosphere, good service and fun décor.  The menu consists of appetizers like quesadillas, burgers, sandwiches, and more expensive items like lamb.  The restaurant does not allow groups to split bills however, which could be a problem for large groups.  Dinners range from $14.75-$21.00, with cheaper sandwiches and appetizers.

Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen offers slightly more expensive but more authentic Italian food. Poppy Hill is upscale enough to visit with parents or on a date, but still affordable and casual enough for an occasional visit.
Lunch sandwiches and entrees cost as little as $5.50, while dinner entrees range from $11.95 to $28.  The menu features a plethora of pasta and seafood entrees in addition to fancier foods such as mushroom galette and veal chops.  Poppy Hill is on the corner of Charles and William streets.
For healthier choices, Sammy T’s on Caroline Street is popular with locals and students.  Everything on the menu is made from scratch, with an emphasis on natural ingredients and vegetarian food.
“There aren’t many restaurants that have such a wide and interesting variety of vegetarian selections” said sophomore Laura Pilati.
Sammy T’s serves other options for meat-lovers too like burgers, fried oysters and crabcakes, in addition to vegetarian and vegan fare like black bean cakes and vegetable lasagna.  There is a bar downstairs, as well as a separate non smoking section upstairs. Entree prices range from $4.00 to $17.00.