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A young woman is lying on a table. She is bound and gagged. She has no clothes on. Her eyes are closed, her muscles are tense. She is sitting on a platter with veggies surrounding her. She is in the position similar to that of a turkey, and there are plates, forks, and knives all around her. She has seasoning on her with a big apple in her mouth.

This was my first trip to Muki’s Kitchen, a website dedicated to entertaining those who find the staged images of women being cooked and prepared erotic.

The website’s disclaimer is as followes: “Honestly! It’s just that our love for them rises to gastronomic proportions. This is not, under any circumstances, meant to be seen as a woman-hating, torture & snuff-oriented, misogynistic site. Strange as it may seem, we simply find the idea of preparing and cooking women (as a meal, to be eaten) rather erotic and, while we admit that it’s a bit on the kinky side, we suspect that there are others who share in this fantasy.”

My first question was “are there others?” I began to search the web, looking for any sites that had the keywords cannibal fetish, or cann-fetish, anywhere in them. While I was not able to find a site that had an actual number count, I came to realize that there can’t be over thirty cann-fetish sites out there without a general interest within the population.

So what do people find so appealing about cann-fetishm? For me, it was the sheer fascination in the bizarreness of people. For others, it goes a bit deeper.

Passing the traditional chocolate and whipped cream, cann-fetish sites such as Muki’s Kitchen moves into ovens, skewers, and grills, taking the sexual connotations of food to a completely different level.
The cannibalism fetish is mostly just a subgenre of those who enjoy BDSM (bondage/domination/sado-masochism). Rather than a Madame and a slave, however, the dominant is the chef while the submissive is the delicious feast.

The submissive is readily bound, prepared, glazed and “cooked” in an oven. There is, of course, no actual fire or deadly heat involved.

My next question about this site was why Muki was so persistant on getting the point across that they did not actually cook the people.
I was shocked to discover an article in the Village Voice that mentioned an actual case in 2001 in Germany where a man “killed, butchered, and ate a man he met in an online chat room for cannibal “fetishists.” The victim gave his videotaped consent to the procedure, even requesting his own penis as a last meal. Since the arrangement was consensual, the German judge sentenced the dominant to only eight and a half years in prison.”

So why am I sharing with all of you this completely shocking nugget of information? Dinner talk mostly.

Who doesn’t want to have a roasted chicken dinner with the family and not immediately think about cann-fetishes?

Or I could say that I just love the strange and bizarre and wish to share this interest with the rest of you.

If these answers don’t satisfy you, then I can always go for the “feel good” conclusion:

No matter how dirty, evil, strange, or out of place you feel, just remember there is always someone just a little bit crazier than you out there.