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"Tonight: Franz Ferdinand"

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“Tonight: Franz Ferdinand”
by Franz Ferdinand (2009)

There comes a point in every artist’s life when they need to take a step forward in their music career.  I believe that Franz Ferdinand’s latest album, “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” accomplishes just that.

They have changed their sound in this album just enough to suit a wider audience.  In fact, their latest single, “No You Girls” was featured in an iPhone commercial.

Without abandoning their signature sound, Franz Ferdinand has simply adapted to a changing industry.  The music in this album is something that you could hear out at a party.

Some people might have been turned away from the band’s new sound, but if you take the time to listen to the tracks again I think you can really become hooked, at least that’s what happened for me.

Original fans may be temporarily scared off by the band’s innovative twists, but they can seek solace in the fact that Franz Ferdinand continues to deliver.  Tracks such as “Twilight Omens” and “Ulysses” provide a bridge of familiarity for long-time fans.

Change is not always for the worst.  I think changing the sound of some of the music allows Franz Ferdinand to appeal to a wider audience.  Previously, they were not heard out in clubs or played at parties.

However, the new album is catchier in my opinion.  If one of the tracks starts to play while you are out somewhere, you won’t be able to resist the urge to start dancing.

This is not to say that the album is solely directed towards dance music.  One can still be on the dreaded walk to class, plugged into Franz Ferdinand’s “Bite Hard”, and the day can seem a little brighter.

The ending track, “Katherine Kiss Me”, has such a soothing and calming sound.  You can forget all of your problems and get lost in this track for two minutes and 55 seconds.  I do not think Franz Ferdinand could have picked a better track to end a fantastic album with.

It makes you wonder how this album will affect their future sound.  Based on the reviews, I would have to say that the new sound will most definitely be present in albums to come.