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Men's and Women's Tennis Look to Take CAC Titles

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The University of Mary Washington men and women’s tennis team chose not to bathe this past week as to show off their true absolute filthiness. The two teams combined won their Capital Athletic Conference tournaments semi-final matches 18-0.

Stanky enough for you? Not done yet. In those 18 matches, the men’s team lost only nine games while shutting out Hood College in five of the matches. The women’s team, against a less formidable St. Mary’s College, dropped just four games also shutting out their opponents in five of their matches.

Freshmen Riley Baver and Andrew Frisk were among the shutouts in the semis, each ending 6-0, 6-0 in their matches.
Randy Loden, has followed his two-time All-American junior year with another strong performance this year. Loden had the most trouble of any of the men in his singles match but still won in dominating fashion 6-3, 6-1.
After advancing to the finals, both teams will look to extend their conference championship winning streaks. The men’s team has won 10 straight CAC championships, while the women’s team currently has a streak of five straight.  Another thing they have in common is they will both have the opportunity to put down conference rival Salisbury University.
Both teams have already played Salisbury earlier this month and won in dominating fashion. The women swept 9-0 while the men took em’ down 7-2. This will be the third time in as many years that both the men and women will be taking on Salisbury in the CAC Championship.
After making it to the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament last year, both teams will look to the CAC finals as a jumping point into this year’s national tournament.
If you’re curious as to how well the women’s team, now ranked 10 in the nation by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, has done lately you needn’t know any other number besides zero.
Dating back to April 4, the Lady Eagles have played Swarthmore College, Wesley College, Hood College, York College, St. Mary’s College, Salisbury University, Stevenson University and St. Mary’s College once more. The combined results of those nine matches? How about 72-0.
It’s clear that both of these teams have the advantage going in to the CAC finals and it’s simply up to them to execute to the best of their ability. None of these athletes have experienced losing championships at this school; anything less would simply be against the norm.