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Ifft Your in the Mood to Laugh

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This Thursday, Oct. 8, the Underground will host stand-up comedian Eddie Ifft at 8 p.m.  Ifft, a Pittsburgh native, got his start performing on the New York City comedy club circuit after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. Ifft has also gained notoriety in recent years from his appearances on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” as well as Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.”
Ifft’s highly animated delivery is refreshing and his employment of observational humor is sure to strike a chord with any audience. His comedy addresses a wide variety of topics ranging from popular culture and Google to America’s global image and life in college.
Extensive touring of the U.S., as well as significant international exposure, has garnered Ifft a diverse and wide fan base. In August of last year, he performed his first 30-minute special for the Comedy Central program “Comedy Central Presents.” Ifft has also performed with comedians like Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Robin Williams.
Ifft’s routines, which have taken place in various countries spanning the globe, were compiled into “America the Punchline,” a documentary that hinges on the central theme of how America is viewed around the world.
Toward the end of a rough week of mid-terms, what better way to take your mind off your schoolwork than going and having a good laugh? Since laughter is the best medicine, any good doctor would recommend taking a break from the stresses of school and heading over to the Underground to catch a few chuckles.