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Erin Andrewlevich recognized by CAC for women’s track

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By EKATERINA SAVELYEVA Staff Writer Last week, UMW junior Erin Andrewlevich was recognized by the CAC as women’s track athlete of the week.

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Staff Writer

Last week, UMW junior Erin Andrewlevich was recognized by the CAC as women’s track athlete of the week. The award took place after she finished first in both the 100 meter and 200 meter events, achieving times of 12.56 and 26.35 seconds respectively. This took place in a competition at Goucher College on Saturday, Mar. 23. 

“It is exciting, being named athlete of the week,” said Andrewlevich, who cited the recognition as further motivation for improving as an athlete. Satisfied with her performance and that of the track team, Andrewlevich is determined to maintain the sense of momentum further into the season.

Andrewlevich characterized this season for women’s track as a particularly successful one, stressing the achievements of herself as an individual and the team as a collective. Multiple factors have played into this strong morale, most notably a change in leadership. “The sprinters got a new coach this past year, which has changed the outlook and performances of the team immensely. Many of my teammates are happy with the improvements they have been making this season. This season has been very exciting for me,” said Andrewlevich, “As well as, I think, the entire team.” 

The satisfaction of this improvement is intensified by the fact that Andrewlevich’s bond with her teammates expands beyond the playing field. “I’ve made some of my best friends in college on the team,” she said. “Being on the track team has shaped a lot about my life at UMW.” 

As a junior, Andrewlevich can confidently look back on her academic career and feel the impact of this sense of community on her college experience. Having begun her activity on the team in her freshman year, she’s had an opportunity to see the team grow and form lasting bonds with her teammates. 

Besides the friendships that the team provides, Andrewlevich is passionate about track as an activity. “I’ve been able to continue doing a sport that I care a lot about. I don’t know what I would be doing with my life if I didn’t have track,” said Andrewlevich. 

As for her personal goals, Andrewlevich is satisfied with her athletic performance as an individual within the team. “I have personally been really happy with where I am at this point of the season,” said Andrewlevich. “My times are where I want them to be, and are on the right track to improving the rest of the season.” 

Andrewlevich’s determined drive towards self-improvement has a history of paying off. In May of 2018, directly following the end of her sophomore year, she competed in the NCAA national outdoor track & field championships for Division III. 

Her ultimate goal for the rest of the season is consistent with her determination to only work harder in the wake of her team’s success and her CAC recognition. “My goal is to qualify and compete in nationals again.”  

Following the events of this spring, Andrewlevich will have to balance her commitment to the track team against the demands of her upcoming senior year. “I plan to graduate next spring,” said Andrewlevich, “and hopefully explore options along the way in order to figure out what I want to do post grad.” 

As something that has consistently been a major focus of her time, however, the track team will remain a big priority in her life. In the wake of this season’s improvements, the next step is to build on them in the following year. 

Andrewlevich’s outlook towards her chosen sport is characterized by a consistent sense of forward-thinking energy. The achievements of the track team as a whole and her own individual recognition ultimately lead into the same drive: to take pride in one’s accomplishments, and to take them to the next level. 

“Getting recognition like this for the hard work I put in is always a surprise,” she said on the subject of her CAC recognition, “but it helps to motivate me in continuing to work hard.”