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Staff Ed: The End of an Era

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The Weekly Ringer Editorial Board discusses the intention behind their April Fool's edition.


After over a year of COVID-19, with vaccines available to all students and staff and hopes for a more normal fall semester, we can finally say that things are looking up. 


This is not to suggest that anyone throw away their masks or stop social distancing, as we still have to be careful. We just want to reflect on the fact that our hard work as a UMW community has paid off. Each semester that passes we come closer and closer to normalcy—to eating indoors with close friends, to lighting candles together on Ball Circle for Eagle Gathering, to attending classes in person and seeing our professors face-to-face. These things may not happen all at once, and they may not happen next semester, but we will get there as long as we stay safe and stick together as a community. 
With this third COVID-graced semester almost behind us, we are sad to see graduating editors leave but excited to welcome a new staff for next year. In line with the traditions of The Blue & Gray Press, this final issue of volume 94 was produced by our new staff. 
Here are the outgoing editors of The Blue & Gray Press. Thank you for your kindness, humor and leadership during such a strange year. Congratulations and good luck—we will miss you so much!
Kate Seltzer, Editor-in-Chief
Abigail Buchholz, Associate Editor
Bryanna Lansing, Photography Editor 
Samantha Price, Online Editor
Abigail Weber, Viewpoints Editor
We also would like to welcome the 2021-2022 editorial staff:
Jess Kirby, Editor-in-Chief
Erin Matuczinski, Business Editor
Cosmy Pellis, Associate Editor
Bernadette D’Auria, Associate Editor
Josephine Johnson, News Editor
Scotti Mullen, News Editor
Josephine Good, Life Editor
Norah Walsh, Viewpoints Editor
Victoria R. Percherke, Sports Editor
Maggie Mae Young, Online Editor
Cameron Delean, Online Editor
Emily Warren, Photography Editor