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Fast facts about Brent Hall drug box

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drug box

The UMW police have a drug box where students can drop off expired prescription drugs. | Scotti Mullen/The Blue & Gray Press

Abigail Slaughter

Copy Editor

For National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on Oct. 23, UMW Police Lieutenant Brad Sullivan will be under the bell tower from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The UMW Police Department will be collecting expired and unwanted prescription drugs as a part of the nationwide Drug Take Back program. Here are some fast facts about the nationwide program and the drug box on campus.

  • The Drug Enforcement Administration disposes of the prescription drugs in an environmentally safe way.
  • While the DEA program allows for prescription drugs to be collected twice a year at designated locations, UMW collects prescription drugs at any time of year in the drug box located in Brent Hall. 
  • The drug box purchase was approved by UMW Police Chief Michael Hall in June of 2018. 
  • UMW collects over 100 pounds of unused prescription drugs per year.
  • Nationally, approximately 900,000 pounds of unused prescription drugs were collected in 2019.

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