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Op-Ed: Sustainability Month at the UC

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@umw.uc / Instagram To make note of sustainability month, the UC is hosting a week-long sustainability themed week.


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October is Campus Sustainability Month! 

University Dining is promoting Campus Sustainability Month by hosting a week-long sustainability week with a different theme for each day! Come by the Top of the UC to learn more about University Dining’s sustainability initiatives and how we’re promoting a greener campus. 

Meatless Monday  

For Meatless Monday, we’re encouraging students to go meatless. We’ll be discussing the effects of the meat industry, the stress it causes on the environment and ways that we can alleviate it. One way of reducing this stress is through Future 50 Foods. Future 50 Foods are under-utilized, plant-based foods that optimize nutrient density and reduce environmental impacts. We’ll be featuring a Future 50 recipe at the Earth Bar at the Top of the UC, look for the signs highlighting them! 

Talk About It Tuesday 

Continuing the discussion from Meatless Monday, Talk About It Tuesday discusses the effects of the food industry as a whole on the environment. We will be promoting Earth-friendly recipes and discussing the initiatives we can all take to become more sustainable. Stop by to chat with us from 4 to 6 p.m.! 

Weigh It Wednesday 

On Weigh It Wednesday, we will be weighing the food waste that students bring to dispose of at the end of their meal. By weighing students’ food waste, we hope to bring awareness to the amount of food that is wasted during meals. 

Taste It Thursday 

Taste It Thursday ties in with the previous day’s theme: food waste. We will be encouraging students to ask for samples of different foods before committing to a full plate. This way less food is wasted and students can alleviate concerns about throwing away unwanted food.  

Fair Trade Friday  

On Friday we will be recognizing our local farmers and the locally sourced produce we serve at the Top of the UC. Using locally sourced and in-season produce cuts down on the emissions caused by food transportation.  

Come visit us at the Top of the UC from Oct. 18 to Oct. 22!  

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