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Athlete profile: Volleyball star Krista Rodgers

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Krista Rodgers playing volleyball. | UMW Athletics

By: Braden Roberts

Staff Writer

On Oct. 18, junior business administration major and sports management minor Krista Rodgers was titled offensive player of the week for her contributions to the UMW women’s volleyball team, who has gone 16-9 so far this fall season. 

The offensive player award is announced by the Coast-To-Coast Athletic Conference to name the best players in the offensive and defensive categories every week of the sports season.

“Krista is definitely a very hard-working individual and is very humble,” said Alexander Hinsey, the head coach of the women’s volleyball team. “She’s not a player that likes to be in the spotlight but seems to find herself in it more often than not because of her level of play. She’s the type of player that is a silent leader and plays with a lot of heart!”

Rodgers has been involved in UMW’s volleyball team as a middle hitter for all three years of her college career.

“It is really nice to be named offensive player of the week, I could not have done it without my team,” said Rodgers. “I am very excited to continue to work hard through these next few weeks and finish this season out strong.”

From very early in her life, Rodgers has been involved with volleyball. At the age of eight, she would assist her mother, who was a recreational coach, by doing tasks like collecting the balls during practice to help coach her mother’s team. At age 12, Rodgers began playing volleyball herself. Until she was 15, Rodgers played both volleyball and basketball. However, once she reached high school she switched to primarily playing volleyball and lacrosse.

“Lacrosse and basketball were both super fun but I had the most passion and love for volleyball throughout all the years,” said Rodgers.

She said her experience with the UMW women’s volleyball team has been nothing but positive, especially now that the team is able to compete again. Hinsey has been overseeing Rodgers’ growth over the past three years and has seen her develop her skills both on and off the court. Hinsey believes Rodgers has entered this season with a lot of experience and has showcased confidence on the court. Hisney is not the only one noticing Rodgers’ talent; her teammates stand behind her too.

“Krista is probably one of my favorite teammates to be on the court with because she brings a constant intensity and has a talent in motivating everyone around her to all play their best,” said senior psychology and neuroscience major Aidan Finegan.

Finegan has been a longstanding teammate and close friend to Rodgers throughout her time attending and playing for UMW.

“I am extremely proud of Krista and happy for her to receive this recognition this week,” said Finegan. “It’s been a long time coming. She has been an essential part of this team since she joined three years ago and her continuous effort day in and day out is very apparent to everyone on the team, and it was nice that the Conference finally gave her the recognition she deserves.”

Rodgers was not able to meet with her full team the last sports season, and she is excited to be back in person to continue competing and working with her teammates.

“I have been so lucky to have a team full of my best friends who constantly push me on and off the court to be the best that I can,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers has had many highlights throughout her volleyball career, the most recent being her game beating Washington and Lee University in five sets at home.

“It really was a tough game and to be able to finish strong and get that win was really hype,” said Rodgers.

As a freshman, Rodgers entered college as the only middle hitter on UMW’s women’s volleyball roster. Despite the challenges that arose, Rodgers continued to practice and improve over the 3 years. 

“Krista’s performance against Virginia Wesleyan University on Oct. 13 definitely solidified her as offensive player of the week,” said Hinsey. “It seemed like every time she touched the ball she was able to score a point for us.”

While there are no more home volleyball games this season, on Oct. 30 the UMW women’s volleyball team will be facing Wittenberg University as part of an invitational at Carnegie Mellon University.