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Photo essay: Class Council hosts Halloweens event for students

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Class Council members and volunteers welcome UMW students to the Halloweens event on Ball Circle. In the back row are junior volunteer and chemistry major Dorothy Haas (left), junior Class Council promotions director and history major Maddie Wilson (middle) and junior Class Council president and IA major Joe Johnson (right). In the front are freshman Class Council vice president and political science major Shadwick Yoder (left) and freshman Class Council treasurer and biomedical sciences major Marion Robinson (right). Kylie Steffenhagen / The Blue & Gray Press


Staff Writer

Halloween is an entertaining and highly-anticipated holiday for all ages. When we outgrow trick-or-treating, other spooky festivities tend to take its place. This was my first October at UMW since we returned to in-person gatherings. I was hoping there would be Halloween-themed events around campus that would help inspire some school spirit, and I wasn’t disappointed.

On the evening of Oct. 28, Class Council hosted the traditional Halloweens event on Ball Circle. Students engaged in various activities, such as roulette wheel, cornhole, ball-throwing and hula hoop games. Decorations, lights and Halloween-themed music set the atmosphere, and popcorn and cotton candy were provided for students to enjoy. Many people, both hosts and guests, dressed up for the occasion. I attended this event and captured a few of the many impressive costumes at Halloweens 2021.

Grayson Jones, a sophomore computer science major, and Beckett Jacobs, a freshman psychology major, attend Halloweens dressed as a cowboy and a cow.           
Kylie Steffenhagen / The Blue & Gray Press
Junior Caitlin Moore, majoring in conservation biology, poses on Ball Circle in a Snorlax costume.
Kylie Steffenhagen / The Blue & Gray Press
Bailey Clark, a sophomore majoring in historic preservation, comes to Halloweens in a costume based on the Cats musical.                        
Kylie Steffenhagen / The Blue & Gray Press
Brian Veranga, a sophomore in the pre-nursing program, and Alexandra Polymeropoulos, a senior double-majoring in women’s, gender and sexuality studies and philosophy/pre-law, in costume on Ball Circle.                                
Kylie Steffenhagen / The Blue & Gray Press
Kenna Westen, a freshman psychology major, in costume for the Halloweens event.     
Kylie Steffenhagen / The Blue & Gray Press
A UMW student attends Halloweens in a Ghostface costume.            
Kylie Steffenhagen / The Blue & Gray Press

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