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Staff Ed: Welcoming the funnies to The Weekly Ringer

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The Weekly Ringer Editorial Board looks forward to the funnies that will soon appear in the publication. Hatice Yardim / Unsplash


Upon careful consideration of Derek Knight’s Letter to the Editor concerning the introduction of “the funnies” to The Weekly Ringer, we as a staff have decided that they would be a welcome addition to our publication. Knight’s comic strip, “Devil & Goat,” will be featured in the Life section in future issues of The Ringer. 

Reminiscent of our collective childhood experiences of beelining to the funnies before attempting to read the stories that stuck out to us or morbidly happening upon the obituary page, we are eager to see what Knight and other artists have to offer. 

In dedicating space of our publication to this venture, we recognize the importance of fostering artistic creativity and alternative forms of journalism. Some of the most careful considerations can be over a one-panel comic, and the legacy of other comics, such as the timeless Garfield, leave us tickled long after reading the comic strip. 

In a time where memes, YouTube videos and TikToks are our digital currency of amusement, we appreciate this ode to our childhoods where we can include our evolved humor into a more antiquated form of in-print entertainment. 

We hope you’ll join us in our support of this new endeavor in which artists’ voices are given space to express their comments amidst our own. If you are interested in submitting a comic or applying to become a recurring cartoonist for The Weekly Ringer, email for more information. 

This staff editorial was led by Norah Walsh.