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Fresh starts and new energy: Let’s talk the astrological new year

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A dark globe with the constellations outlined on the surface.

As the sun moves into Aries it brings with it a wave of refreshment. Unsplash / Vedrana Filipović


Staff Writer

Flowers are blooming and the campus is shrouded in fertilizer: spring is here. With the spring equinox comes longer days, warmer nights and—most importantly—the beginning of the astrological new year. For those of us that may not have gotten off on the right foot this January, the astrological new year may be a second chance at a fresh start. 

The sun officially entered the Aries constellation on March 21 and has brought with it a shift in energy. We’ve all felt it—going to class has been a little harder and soaking up the sun is probably at the top of a lot of our to-do lists, it’s natural! 

Let’s recap really quick from the last column: if we picture the constellations in the sky as a wheel of zodiacs, the planets all move along their course through each zodiac sign. Aries sits at the head of the wheel and thus signifies the beginning—a figurative rebirth or renewal. We consider the new year to be when the sun, as opposed to any other planet or celestial body, moves into Aries, because it is the governing body in the solar system. The sun and moon are unique in that they are considered to be planets for all astrological intents and purposes, but they are more specifically luminaries. The sun gives light and life to all within the solar system, so its sign in your chart represents how you are seen by those around you. 

The astrological new year signifies a shift into more outward, external momentum. The sun is exalted in Aries, meaning it is strong and is fully expressed in all its potential. The sun represents life force and Aries, the self-directed pursuit of personal interests or desires, so it’s time to tap into that, whatever it may look like for you. 

I write this column not only for the astrology lovers but also for the curious and downright cynical, so think of it like this: longer, sunnier days call for easy living and sweet times. Astrology doesn’t need to become your new scientific dogma to feel its effects; its cyclical character inherently aligns with nature and just makes sense if you let it. Take advantage of it all! I hope I don’t speak only for myself when I say there’s been a burst of energy and determination recently. Burnout is inevitably plaguing a lot of us, and the astrological new year can bring with it opportunities to cut through it a bit more as the semester comes to a close.

These articles are ultimately a revival of the UMW newspaper’s “In the Stars” astrology column from years past, so I thought I’d sprinkle in a callback to the original column with some quick horoscopes to guide us all going into this new year:

Aries: Happy birthday! Pedialyte and kombucha—great for head and stomach aches…

Taurus: Pull the trigger on that shoe purchase! Grounding is great and all, but they’re getting the grass ready for commencement and we need to avoid footprints in the baby grass.

Gemini: Put the scissors down, I promise the changing seasons don’t need a hair change. Weren’t you just talking about growing your hair out?

Cancer: You’ve got a good eye for the finer things in life—have you been to R&R Antiques downtown? I think you’d like it; shopping small and sustainably is definitely the move.

Leo: Don’t worry, we may be celebrating the Aries’ in our lives right now, but we’ll get to you in time; whether it’s a summer job or a little vacation, try to solidify those plans! We’re excited to fit ourselves into your schedule.

Virgo: I’m going to be real, we know you’re usually right, but did you have to say I told you so? It stings a little bit—speaking of, did you remember to put sunscreen on today? Don’t get it in your eye.

Libra: Your outfit looks cute! Remember: you can never be overdressed, everyone else is simply under-dressed.

Scorpio: Turn the music up and space out—I’ll give you permission just this once. It’s been a long winter.

Sagittarius: Your hair looks cute! Hats may be going out of season, but you can never go wrong with a good bandana.

Capricorn: Did you just flinch? Say it with your chest, no need to be so hesitant; own it!

Aquarius: Give your ears to words, but do not give your words to ears—maybe take a back seat talking a bit more, your earrings are too cute to be adorning ears that aren’t being used.

Pisces: Speak up more! And not just when you’re cursing someone out (even if it’s for valid reasons).