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Staff Ed: Ringing in a new era of editors

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Although we are incredibly sad to say goodbye to our graduating editors with whom we have formed such meaningful relationships, we are just as joyous to welcome the incoming editorial staff for the 2022-2023 school year. While subject to an ever-changing pandemic, it was only on-theme for us to change our name, which formerly upheld ideals that perpetuated racism, discrimination and hatred. With this final issue, we ring in a semester of new values—encapsulated within our new name—which we always have in the back of our minds: respect, consideration, truth and intentionality. We are here to make your voices heard, as well as you hear your voices. We are here to represent the truth, give a platform to opinions that people want to share and update you on what goes on at UMW, for we really do love this school. 

So, as we carry on with these intentions, we also have to accept the cycle of life, which means we have to say goodbye to those who have made an impact on our lives and welcome those who have the potential to become just as close. 

Without further ado, we wish the following editors luck and prosperity as they enter the daunting abyss of post-undergrad life: 

Abigail Slaughter, Copy Editor 

Cosima Pellis, Associate Editor 

Bernadette D’Auria, Associate Editor 

Victoria Percherke, Sports Editor 

Cameron Delean, Online Editor 

Maggie Mae Young, Online Editor 

Emily Warren, Photography Editor

And, with open arms, we welcome the 2022-2023 editorial staff:  

Jess Kirby, Editor-in-Chief 

Erin Matuczinski, Business Editor

Norah Walsh, Associate Editor 

Josephine Johnson, Associate Editor 

Grace Schumacher, Copy Editor 

Scotti Mullen, News Editor

Callie Harkins, News Editor 

Jo Good, Life Editor 

Tabitha Robinson, Opinion Editor 

Emily Hemphill, Sports Editor 

Sarah Sklar, Photography Editor 

Ally Tingen, Online Editor 

Abby Knowles, Online Editor 

This staff editorial was led by Norah Walsh.