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Students return to find newly-renovated living spaces in residence buildings

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View of the front door of Westmoreland Hall.

Front entrance of Westmoreland Hall. | UMW Residence Life and Housing


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When Eagles returned for the fall semester, many found upgrades to their dorm buildings after the university renovated and improved residential areas on campus. 

“I’m staying on the fourth floor of Eagle Landing, where we had new thermostats and sinks built in,” said Carlos Nunes, a junior majoring in political science. “The new thermostats are easier to control and very user friendly.” 

Hunter Rauscher, the associate director for Residence Life and Housing, also discussed renovations that took place in Westmoreland Hall, which just transitioned from housing upperclassmen to housing freshmen, this past summer. These include refurbished rooms, showers and plumbing.

“We wanted the students in Westmoreland to have a similar experience to our other first year students, so we worked to provide renovated community space that they could use,” said Rauscher.

While the rooms themselves had been renovated, there was still work to be done in regards to furniture and entertainment, Rauscher said. There has been a delay in this process due to shipping issues and long wait times, but once those issues are resolved, Residence Life and Housing will be working to install diner booths in the basement dining area, an integrated workstation in the basement study room, a TV monitor and tables in basement study room two, new furniture and TV in the basement common room and a kitchen cart/prep area in the third floor kitchen. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve the student experience in the residence halls and feel the common spaces in each hall provide a great opportunity to build community and bring our students together,” said Rauscher. 

First year students in Virginia and Willard Halls are also in newly-upgraded dorms, as those buildings were renovated in the past few years.

“As a freshman, I’m thankful to be staying at Virginia Hall,” said freshman Natalia Pereddo. “The bathrooms are much nicer and the privacy they offer makes me feel safer. I also love the mini lounges on each floor, it’s nice to have a little place near my room to just chill with friends.” 

Willard Hall was recently upgraded with the installation of a new, large kitchen on its ground floor. 

“I think it is really nice,” said freshman Celine Sharee. “The new appliances are cool too. The electric stove is good for a couple of reasons, like the kitchen will stay cooler versus if it was a gas stove. It’s also a lot easier to clean and wipe down because it’s a flat surface. The toaster oven is nice too because of the way they are built; it cooks the food quickly and thoroughly.”