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Education students navigate return to in-classroom practicums

by DEVON MACHANDE Staff Writer Due to editor error, a previous version of this article misspelled Lauryn Bailey’s name.  Many education students are back in local schools for their practicum observation classes. Some students are experiencing their first in-person practicums due to the pandemic. “As future teachers, there are a great number of requirements we […]

End of five-year education program has lasting effects

By MATTHEW BOVA Staff Writer Starting in the fall of 2020, the UMW College of Education transitioned away from a five-year bachelor’s and master’s degree program to a four-year bachelor’s degree. Those enrolled in the College of Education before fall 2020 are able to finish both their bachelor’s and master’s degree program, but current sophomores, […]

Virginia Hall and Seacobeck Hall renovations to be completed by late fall of 2021

by LIZ FOSTER Staff Writer Despite a few setbacks, both Seacobeck and Virginia Hall renovations will be completed in 2021, bringing major updates to two historical buildings on campus. Virginia Hall, Mary Washington’s second oldest residence hall, will be completed in early summer of 2021, while Seacobeck, the future home of the College of Education, […]

UMW, state respond to critical teacher shortage

by EMILY SHUMAKER & RACHEL COOPER Staff Writers In response to a national teacher shortage, the state of Virginia changed its legislation in 2018 to allow four-year programs, instead of five, to be sufficient for students to qualify and be licensed as teachers. The purpose of this legislation was to get more students into the […]

College of Education to end five-year master’s program in favor of elementary education major and certifications

by EMILY SHUMAKER Staff Writer UMW’s College of Education will be eliminating their five-year master’s program and will transition to offering an elementary education major and a teaching certification through areas of discipline for grades preK-12. The college made this decision in response to the critical teacher shortage in the state of Virginia. UMW accepted […]

Seacobeck Hall to resume construction

by CAMERON DELEAN Senior Writer Construction on Seacobeck Hall will resume in early 2020. The project was previously halted due to a shortage of funds as a result of market escalation earlier this year. Last the student body heard, the school did not have the funds and did not know if or when they would […]

$3 million shortfall halts Seacobeck construction

By ABIGAIL BUCHHOLZ and KATE SELTZER News Editors Renovations to Seacobeck Hall came to a halt when bids from state-approved contractors for the construction work came back $3 million more than expected, according to UMW President Troy Paino. Paino attributed the higher prices to market escalation as a result of a smaller than usual pool […]

Renovations begin on Seacobeck Hall

Staff Writer
Seacobeck Hall has sat empty since the end of 2015. Now, the University has begun working toward its renovation plans to make the building into the new home of the College of Education and the Office of Disability Resources by fall 2020.

Required College of Education math exam causes concern

Staff Writer
Some UMW College of Education (COE) students are concerned about the Math Praxis Core exam impeding on their careers as future teachers.

UMW College of Education experiences fluctuation in student enrollment

Senior Writer
After a spike in the number of students in UMW’s College of Education from 2016-2017, the college’s student body has dropped by a fifth of that number for the 2018-2019 school year.

UMW and others unite to celebrate Balian’s birthday


Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks, the UMW community showed up in a big way for 9-year-old Balian from Western Wayne Elementary School in Indiana, who just had his ninth birthday where none of his 30 classmates attended. Dr. John Broome, associate professor for the College of Education here at UMW, heard of Balian’s story from a close friend and sent out emails to his students requesting that they make as many birthday cards as they can for Balian.

Potential policy insists that all faculty be evaluated every semester


Debra Schleef, the assistant provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness, initiated a motion to change how student evaluations work at the end of each semester. Currently, not all classes are evaluated at the end of every semester. If this proposed addition to the faculty handbook is approved, then students enrolled in credit courses will be given an evaluation form for those classes.

Seacobeck Hall to undergo renovations following UMW’s six-year plan


Seacobeck Hall has been an integral part of the University of Mary Washington since its doors opened in 1931. As UMW’s primary dining hall, generations of students have passed through its doors, and it is home to countless fond memories for thousands of students. For the past year, however, it has remained desolate with no students or faculty using its facilities.

Administration dispels rumors regarding termination of music and arts education degrees

By HOPE RACINE The University of Mary Washington community was temporarily shocked last week following rumors of the immediate termination of UMW art and music education degrees. On March 19, the Department of Music Facebook page posted, “Yesterday we were informed that our administration has immediately suspended the Art and Music Education degrees here at […]

New Programs Added to College Of Education

By KYLE LEFLER The University of Mary Washington’s College of Education has announced a set of new programs being developed for the institution for as soon as fall 2012. Dean of the College of Education Mary Gendernalik-Cooper expressed excitement about three new pathways and one new degree opportunity for students. A pathway is a predetermined […]

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