Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Homecoming week continues with alternate schedule

by SAMANTHA STACHOWIAK Staff Writer Due to the high local rates of COVID-19 transmission, the University has opted to postpone the traditional Homecoming tailgate until the spring semester. Instead, UMW is celebrating its annual Homecoming Monday, Oct. 18 through Saturday, Oct. 23 with an alternate schedule and some new events. Throughout the week there are […]

UMW students attend AJR show after their spring concert performance

By CHEYENNE KERN Staff Writer On Monday Jan. 20, AJR headlined at the Anthem in Washington D.C. for the later end of their “Neotheater World Tour.” The concert featured many songs that the band performed at the UMW spring concert last year, along with many new songs from their latest album, “Neotheater.” Unlike the show […]

Circa Survive Connects With Crowd

“I just walk into a place like this and immediately know it’s gonna be a good show,” said Anthony Green, lead singer of Circa Survive, before the band’s performance in the Great Hall last Thursday, March 17. Circa Survive, brought to UMW courtesy of Giant Productions, is widely renowned for their exhilarating live shows, and their […]

A Positive ‘Schmound’ at the Underground

By KALYNA JOWYK Soundcheck was over by 7:45 p.m. and within the next few minutes, Schmekel had their crimson drums, sage bass, earthy Fender and full size keyboard ready to rock the Underground last Saturday night. Melody Ain, the president of PRISM at UMW, introduced the New York-based band as the headliners of this year’s […]

Jimmy Eat World Set to Rock Dodd Auditorium Next Wednesday

Jimmy Eat World will rock Dodd Auditorium next Wednesday at 7 p.m. Giant Productions, the student-run organization who provides and coordinates the music events on campus, picked Jimmy Eat World as this spring’s act. Co-chairman Justin Thompson explained the reasoning for picking Jimmy Eat World to perform. ”Our reasoning is that people have at least […]

Burnham and Spaulding Steal Show at Underground

By MADELINE MCDONALD You guys are missing out. Seriously. The Underground featured an amazing, spectacular, tremendously wonderful set of musical performances last Friday, and sadly only a handful of students were there to witness it. The first group to perform were two of Mary Washington’s own talented musicians, Will Spaulding and Eric Burnham, a bluegrass […]

Jimmy Eat World to Ignite Dodd Auditorium Feb. 9

By AUSTIN BARTENSTEIN Giant Productions recently announced on their website that Jimmy Eat World has been selected as the spring show at Mary Washington. The band will play Dodd Auditorium on Feb. 9. Giant Co-Chair Justin Thompson explained the process behind booking the band, a decision that took place about a month and a half […]

One Note Stand More Than a One-Hit Wonder

This past Saturday, the One Note Stand greeted audiences with an insightful documentary about the UMW a capella club and its origins. “The Social Network: The Story Behind the One Note Stand,” was an obvious nod to the recently released movie about the formation of Facebook. This humorous preface loosened up the audience with humor, […]

Sufjan Stevens Plays a Cosmically-Charged, Incredible Show

By EMILY MONTGOMERY “The theme of tonight is outer space,” Sufjan Stevens announced to the crowd near the beginning of his November 9 concert at the National in Richmond, and the stage showed it. Stevens, along with the various members of his band, was wearing a space-themed costume he had decorated himself with glow-in-the-dark strips […]

Sufjan Stevens' Interstellar Trip Through Time and Space at the National

By UPMA KAPOOR If there is any musical performer that can successfully transform a concert venue into his own fantastical world, it is undoubtedly Sufjan Stevens. Appearing onstage holding his banjo, wearing angel wings and green tape with a full-fledged band, Stevens took over the National venue in Richmond with “Age of Adz,” an intergalactic, […]

John Taglieri Returns to UMW to Play a Crowd-Pleasing Set of Nostalgic Covers

Considering that his show last Tuesday was his sixth time performing at Mary Washington, John Taglieri is no stranger to this school or the small following he has accumulated here. Unlike several previous musicians that have weathered the unpredictability of Open Mic Night at the Underground, Taglieri possessed a fairly casual, intimate, and laid-back stage […]

Sleigh Bells vs. LCD Soundsystem at the Charlottesville Pavilion

As an impatient crowd yelled catcalls for opening rock duo Sleigh Bells to “get out here,” I was preoccupied worrying about getting slammed into the brick stage and how long it would take for the drunken girl behind me to spill her beer. I can’t say that I agree with the decision to book Sleigh […]

The Like Whatevers Show Promise at FAA Anniversary Bash

By NATHAN BEMIS Fredericksburg All Ages celebrated its fourth anniversary last Saturday with a solid offering at Eyeclopes Studios, showcasing Tereu Tereu, Imperial China and, as advertised on the rock next to Woodard Hall, the Like Whatevers. The show started out strong, with Tereu Tereu busting eardrums in simple, classic, one-guitar, one-bass style. They had […]

From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ to the Underground: Andrew Belle Keeps His Acoustic Guitar Busy

What is the key to success in the current music industry? If you ask pop rocker Andrew Belle, it might be having a song featured on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Belle, a singer from Nashville, whose song “In My Veins” was featured on the show’s finale, recently performed at the Underground last Tuesday, September 14, with Sam […]

When I Say "Lady," You Say "Gaga"

By GINNY FERRELL Thousands of fans swarmed Charlottesville’s John Paul Jones Arena last Thursday for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball show, where there were numerous platinum blond wigs, Diet Coke can curlers, and of course, leotards with fishnet stockings. Unlike a standard sing-and-dance concert, the two-hour-plus Monster Ball tour is wildly theatrical, each song part of […]

Jukebox The Ghost Resurrects Dead Crowd

As I waded through the dull, lifeless crowd on Saturday at Eyeclops Studios before Jukebox the Ghost came out, I thought I must have stumbled into a wax museum. Despite Drink Up Buttercup’s best efforts, showcasing excellent stage presence with lots of energy and enthusiasm, the crowd simply could not be swayed; they were here […]

Concert Honors a Student's 'True Strength'

BY RYAN MARR Chris Morawetz was not just known among friends for his long, inspiring battle with Chrohn’s disease-he was also a lover of music, comedy and most importantly, UMW.  And this Friday, the UMW community will have the opportunity to celebrate Chris’ life with a tribute concert entitled “True Strength,” featuring a collection of […]

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