Sunday Jan 16, 2022

UMW hosted 88th District House of Delegates debate

by SCOTTI MULLEN News Editor On Oct. 26, UMW hosted a debate over Zoom for the 88th District House of Delegate seats. This debate featured Democratic candidate Kecia Evans, Republican candidate Phillip Scott and Libertarian candidate Tim Lewis.  Evans opened up the debate in her introduction speech by stating her values.  “I am running off […]

Student Group Defends Health Care at Rally

By MARY WENDT A group of University of Mary Washington students involved in Virginia Organizing and other advocate groups for the Affordable Care Act came together last Thursday outside of Lee Hall to rally against Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s plan to oppose the bill. According the Washington Post, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care […]

Letter to the Editor: Protect Student Health Care

 By ASHLEY BORDER and NATALIE GROSSMAN As graduating seniors at the University of Mary Washington, we call upon our fellow graduating (and future graduating) peers to step up and support the Affordable Care Act.  As we move out of our undergraduate student status and into pursuing higher education or going job hunting, we face the […]

Opposing Viewpoints: Legal Precedent Will Find Health Care Law Constitutional

This past week in Florida, a federal judge claimed that President Obama’s health care plan was unconstitutional. Republican and Tea Party members vehemently oppose health care and doubt its constitutionality, as well as the expanded role the federal government has taken. The only industrialized nation to not ensure health care to every citizen is the […]

In Conference Call, Obama Addresses College Journalists

By THOMAS BOWMAN and ANNE ELDER President Obama hosted a nation-wide conference call with college journalists on Monday, Sept. 27, where he addressed issues pertinent to college students and their families. The call lasted approximately 30 minutes and allowed select universities to ask the president questions regarding higher education, current policies or any other topic […]

Opposing Viewpoints: State lawsuits oppose health care

Here’s a fact: Politics gets our dander up. No matter how civilized the debate could be, controversial declarations almost always lead to a counter-demonstration (little has changed since kindergarten; if you step on my shoe, then I’ll step on yours). In today’s politics, Virginia’s Governor, Bob McDonnell, has chosen not only to step on Obama’s […]

Opposing Viewpoints: Students Applaud ‘Obamacare’

College students have much to celebrate over Obama’s health care reform. One in six Americans does not have health insurance. A major portion is students that have lost their coverage almost immediately after graduating college. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 30 percent of people 26 and younger do not have health […]

Staff Editorial: Health Care Bill Lifts Weight off Young Adults

Part of the new health care bill allows young people whose jobs don’t provide health coverage to remain on their parents’ health insurance through age 26. For college students, that means no more wondering about what to do post-graduation. With the job market low, finding jobs that provide benefits is harder and harder. Thanks to […]

Staff Editorial: Student Loans, Health Care and Congress–Oh My!

In the wake of the nation’s most controversial legislative move in years, one addendum to the bill was overlooked—until this week. The addendum to the current health care bill actually has nothing to do with health care and everything to do with financial aid at colleges and universities across the nation. It in essence would […]

Health Care Debate Requires Rational Thought, Not Riots

BY BREEANNA SVEUM Viewpoints Editor In recent months (though it seems more like years), the debate about health care has exploded. Whether or not the US should implement a single-payer system like Canada’s has gone from an ideologue’s dream (or nightmare) to an idea on the minds of many Americans. But lately, it seems the […]

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