Sunday Jan 16, 2022

College Republicans celebrate Youngkin’s victory in Virginia governor’s race

by WILLIAM LAWSON Staff Writer Since Republican gubernatorial elect Glenn Youngkin defeated former governor and Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the highly competitive Nov. 2 election, members of UMW’s College Republicans club reacted to Youngkin’s win and commented on the changes they hope to see under his leadership.  Youngkin’s victory marks the first time a Republican […]

Students and faculty weigh in on 2020 election results

by NICK NAMMACK Staff Writer This year’s election cycle has been a unique one due in part to the ongoing pandemic in America. Days after the election, results were still trickling in as absentee ballots were still being counted in key states until President-elect Joe Biden won Pennsylvania on Saturday, officially giving him the 270 […]

Voting third party does more harm than good

By ERIN MATUCZINKSI Life Editor Voting third party does more harm than good For most students on campus, 2020 is the first year we are able to vote in a presidential election. For some, it has been an easy decision. For others, neither of the two main candidates are appealing in the slightest. Instead of […]

Biden is better for the environment in the long run

By MICHAEL FLOSSER Staff Writer The headline of this article has been changed to more accurately reflect the opinion presented. The environment is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and the upcoming election could have a significant impact on environmental preservation. Whose policies are better for the environment? The short answer is […]

A woman vice president is only as progressive as her politics

By TAMARA OMER Staff Writer After the Democratic debate that aired on March 15, former Vice President Joe Biden was given credit for saying he would nominate a woman as his vice president; however, personally, it raised a little skepticism. I agree that female representation in office is crucial and important because it could provide […]

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