Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Potential gas leak at the university center momentarily delays dining

by JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editor On Friday, Nov. 12, an investigation into a possible gas leak began around 7 p.m. at the University Center. The gas was turned off that evening and the situation was resolved the next morning.  “I was made aware on Friday at 7:30 p.m. that they were investigating a potential gas […]

Personal Essay: Pandemic isn’t over for the immunocompromised

by JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editor It is completely reasonable that college students are excited to be vaccinated and experience the world going back to how it was before. When I got to campus and witnessed how the previous year’s MMDC rules had eased up, I was excited too.  But then, not even a week had […]

UMW launches new mental health program, “Go for a walk you ungrateful brats”

By KATE SELTZER Editor-In-Chief On March 31, UMW administration announced a new mental health initiative to combat the stress of an academic year like no other. #GoForAWalkYouUngratefulBrats (GFAWYUB) will go into effect next week. “We know students are overworked, overwhelmed and struggling now more than ever,” said UMW Provost Nina Mikhalevsky. “We hear you, we […]

White man spontaneously combusts when asked by student to wear a mask on campus

By JESS KIRBY News Editor On the afternoon of March 29, an unidentified white man was jogging maskless on campus. He passed by many signs signifying the campus mask mandate, but it wasn’t until a student confronted him on his maskless state that he finally responded. After the altercation, the maskless man fell to the […]

Students experience stress as election results come in

by JESS KIRBY & JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editors Many UMW students have felt stressed and overwhelmed while keeping up with the 2020 presidential election.  “It’s definitely taken a toll on my mental health just not knowing, and we’re not going to know for a good while, the extent of what’s going on,” said sophomore economics […]

UMW’s NAACP releases police evaluation report

by JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editor On Sept. 29, the UMW chapter of the NAACP released a report evaluating the UMW Police Department. The report includes data collected from 400 UMW students who were asked to record their opinions and experiences with UMW Police. The NAACP was inspired to write the report by current events and […]

UMW students discover white supremacist stickers Oct. 9

by JESS KIRBY & JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editors After a period of inactivity from the group, stickers from the white supremacist group, Patriot Front, were found on the UMW campus the morning of Oct. 9. There were six stickers in total, posted on signs outside of the University Center, George Washington Hall, Mason Hall, Lee […]

Students frustrated with in-person class requirements

by JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editor Following President Paino’s announcement that campus will reopen on Sept. 10, students received an email from Wesley Hillyard, Director of Academic Services, announcing that instructors are not required to offer the option of a fully online class.  “While we cannot authorize students to remain virtual in face-to-face courses, we are […]

Residence Life confirms quarantine spaces will be accessible

by JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editor Although accessible dorms for quarantine will be made available, currently, the buildings reserved for quarantine pose accessibility problems for students with mobility impairments. Dave Fleming, assistant dean of Residence Life confirmed that there will be options for all students. “We are working on finalizing some details with regard to ensuring […]

UMW releases plan for fall reopening

by JOSEPHINE JOHNSON & JESS KIRBY News Editors On June 10, UMW President Troy Paino announced via a live question and answer session that students will return to campus in the fall. Following this return new safety precautions and a new schedule will be put in place. “Until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus, […]

UMW Police Department called in to control Fredericksburg protesters

by JESS KIRBY & JOSEPHINE JOHNSON News Editors On the evening of Sunday, May 31, protests broke out in Fredericksburg, Va. in response to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and other black Americans by police.  The Fredericksburg Police Department called in five officers from the UMW Police Department to assist in […]

Patriot Front uses the system to spread their message

by JESS KIRBY & JOSEPHINE JOHNSON Staff Writers In 2018, the UMW community was shocked when several stickers from Patriot Front, a white supremacist group, showed up on campus over the weekend of Feb. 17-18.  Since then, the school has seen the group plaster its message on campus five other times between Sep. 15, 2019 […]

Summer opportunities postponed or moved to alternative formats

by DEANNA BIONDI & JOSEPHINE JOHNSON Staff Writers As social distancing guidelines extend into the summer, an email was sent to all students on April 14, announcing that on-campus activities will be suspended through June 30. Some students have expressed concerns about how this will affect students who planned on living on campus this summer, […]

Students cope with isolation and campus closure

By JOSEPHINE JOHNSON Staff Writer As the world feels like it’s turning upside-down, UMW students are doing what they can to cope. “Our lives and institutions have been disrupted in ways that we never could have imagined when the semester began,” said University President Troy Paino in an email sent out March 17 announcing that […]

Justin Anderson gets 100th career win as a head coach

By Josephine JohnsonStaff Writer On Feb. 1, the UMW men’s and women’s swim teams’ wins against Southern Virginia University took precedence over other regular-season games. It was a momentous senior night for some Eagles and a final victory before the CAC Championships for all… but for head coach Justin Anderson ’10,  it was a 100-win […]

Students found candidate-focused organizations in anticipation of upcoming democratic primary elections

by JOSEPHINE JOHNSON Staff Writer UMW has seen an increase in politically-oriented groups on campus over the past few weeks, including Students for Pete Buttigieg, UMW for Bernie and Students for Warren. These groups have been founded to campaign and educate student voters on the 2020 presidential candidates. Each group will be hosting events leading […]

Students and faculty react to House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry

JOSEPHINE JOHNSON Staff Writer Students and faculty are weighing in on the House Democrats’ decision to begin impeachment proceedings for President Donald Trump. The impeachment proceedings were announced by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, last Tuesday. If the House votes to impeach Trump, he will be the third president to ever be impeached, including […]

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