Sunday Jan 16, 2022

College Republicans celebrate Youngkin’s victory in Virginia governor’s race

by WILLIAM LAWSON Staff Writer Since Republican gubernatorial elect Glenn Youngkin defeated former governor and Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the highly competitive Nov. 2 election, members of UMW’s College Republicans club reacted to Youngkin’s win and commented on the changes they hope to see under his leadership.  Youngkin’s victory marks the first time a Republican […]

Trump appeases conservatives, changes Obamacare contraceptive coverage mandate


Managing Editor

The enduring controversy, contraception versus creed, hit a new pressure point on Oct. 6 when the Trump administration announced an update to the Affordable Care Act enhancing employers’ abilities to deny female employees contraceptive coverage.

Jose Sainz speaks out about the problematic limitations that were placed on UMW students after travel ban


Since President Trump’s inauguration, he has passed many controversial executive orders. The travel ban halted persons entering the United States from seven primarily Muslim countries for 90 days. President Trump’s executive order caused a lot of unrest, especially for American Muslims who were not be able to return to their families in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. However, that ban has recently been lifted but that did not deter any effects that were felt by multiple universities throughout Virginia.

Diversity starts with each department


As my four years slowly simmer to an end, I find myself thinking back to UMW’s mission statement about diversity and inclusion. The mission, and goal, has always been to create an environment on campus that puts an emphasis on providing a “comprehensive, university-wide approach to diversity and inclusivity, access and equity.”

Op Ed: Democrats and the Border Wall

By IAN SCOTT WILSON President Trump’s border wall has been called every terrible name in the book. Republicans have taken so much heat from Democrats and their base for their support of Trump’s plan. We are told it is racist and that it won’t work. Unless the Democratic Party platform has changed so far from […]

Meltingpot mentality: our government does not share it


With the ease and nonchalance of a shopper signing their receipt at CVS, President Trump signed an executive order – is anyone still counting? – temporarily barring citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States and banning Syrian refugees indefinitely. This action incited pure chaos (as everyone scrolling through their Facebook feeds can attest to) and will not end there. With one scribble of his pen, Trump doused an already hot-button issue with all the lighter fluid needed to set it ablaze.

Some UMW students join thousands countrywide in protesting Trump


A wave of protests has swept the country immediately following the announcement our new President- elect, Donald J. Trump. High school and college students alike have been exercising their right to free expression, protected under the First Amendment of the United States’ Constitution. The fears that many of these students have, stems from the intolerance that Trump welcomed during his campaign.

UMW students react to the plans of President-elect, Donald Trump


The unprecedented election of Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has upset many Americans, including a large number of UMW students. But while every election causes some disappointment in voters, this one has been particularly controversial and divisive.

SGA offers statement on Tuesday night’s election

Following the results of Tuesday night’s election, many University of Mary Washington students raised concerns about the way forward. On the morning of Thursday, Nov. 10, the UMW SGA offered a statement to address concerns and promote unity: A STATEMENT ON RECENT EVENTS From Diversity and Unity Coordinating Committee Chair Danielle Howard Fredericksburg, VA, November […]

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