Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Marshall Hall to be demolished, replaced by theatre building

by BRADEN ROBERTS Staff Writer Marshall Hall will be razed and rebuilt as the new location for the Department of Theatre and Dance. The architecture is currently being planned and demolition should go into effect in 2023. The new building is expected to be finished two years after that. Once the new theatre building is […]

UMW works to accommodate displaced Eagle residents

News Editor & Staff Writer
A burst hot water pipe on the fifth floor of Eagle Landing displaced 112 students on April 6, and the damage will prevent 38 students from returning to their rooms for the remainder of the semester. The details regarding this incident were reported by the Blue and Gray Press on April 11. Further information from assistant dean for Residence Life and Housing Dave Fleming revealed how the university is working to accommodate the students who were permanently displaced for the remainder of the semester.

President Paino engages with students about 2019-2020 budget

Staff Writer
With fourteen students, two board members, and six UMW administrators in attendance, President Paino went over the projections for the UMW budget next year and took questions about tuition and fees for the following year, and the budgetary considerations they are connected to.

Upperclassman deserve cheaper meal plan options

By SIERRA HORTON Staff Writer Imagine you get into the college of your dreams, and you soon realize that your meal plan is only a few digits shy of being the same amount of your room and board. You are confused and upset, but you look forward to being an upperclassman because surely next year […]

Residence Life provides an update on the construction of Alvey and Arrington

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In late June 2018, and then later in mid July, every student who was registered to live in Alvey and Arrington got an email from Residence Life stating that they would be relocated for the Fall semester. 

The Switch: Students concerned about building temperatures throughout campus


Staff Writer

This fall the East Coast has seen some extreme temperatures, which means the central heating and air conditioning for UMW dorms and other on-campus buildings has left many students in a period of discomfort.

Balconies to be reconstructed at UMW Apartments, cause issues for students


Recently, Residence Life sent out notifications to students living in the UMW Apartments pertaining to balcony replacement projects scheduled to begin on Sept. 21. Every building had its balcony reconstructed before the middle of August, except for buildings three, four and five.

New Eagle Landing Apartments Not Helpful to UMW Students Financially

The UMW community has been excited about Eagle Village for over a year. Students, professors and administrators have watched it go up piece by piece, and the excitement has become more and more tangible. As UMW approaches the annual on-campus housing contract and selection period, many students have begun to work out their living plans […]

Students Test Luck in Housing Lottery For Eagle Village

Off-campus students will be able to participate in the Residence Life housing lottery this spring, according to Director of Residence Life Chris Porter. Off-campus students, according to Porter, will now be placed at the end of their class in the lottery system, giving them a better chance of returning to on-campus housing. According to Porter, […]

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