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Bogey’s Offers Beer, Flare, Music And More

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By STEFANIE SKY It was another Tuesday and another bar for eight UMW ladies celebrating another girl’s night out. The bar of choice this week, Bogey’s in Central Park. My three roommates, Taylor, Lindsey and I started off our evening at Cheeseburger in Paradise with a few island cocktails while we waited for the rest of our group to show up. After a few rounds of drinks and some homemade bourbon fudge (made by the manager as a special surprise for us since everyone in our party worked there except me), we piled into two cars and headed to Bogey’s. It was around 11 p.m. when we filed into the bar and the first thing I notice is a man; and he was juggling. “They have a juggler,” I said to the other girls as we were all being asked to show our IDs.  “Why do they have a juggler?” I’m not known for being the one in the group with the most common sense as was pointed out to me when I was told that there was a bartender flare competition going on, hence the bottles and glasses being thrown up into the air. We made our way to a back table and did some rearranging of the furniture so that we could all fit. After getting settled we ordered what some people call a bong, but can easily be described as a long clear tube that holds about eight or nine beers with a tap attached at the bottom. The cocktail waitress brings a stand to the table and places the bong filled with your beer of choice into the base, hands you frosted glasses and you’re free to pour and drink as you please. At only $17, it’s a great deal and you don’t have to wait on a bartender to fill up your glass. We poured our beers and watched the flare competition that had gotten under way. There were bartenders from all over that were competing in the contest, including Rob Taylor, who came all the way from Chicago. “I was asked to come out and do the show,” Taylor said.  “I’m more into judging the competitions now but I still do flare competitions and I also give speeches.” Taylor has traveled all over the world for flare competitions including Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico City and almost every major city in the United States. Good music, beer bongs, flare competitions, a full crowd and only having to show my ID once at the door made Bogey’s a great place for a ladies night out.