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Tennis Team Tops Roanoke Maroons

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As Arthur Ashe once said, “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”
The University of Mary Washington’s men’s tennis team captured this seniment when they swept the Roanoke Maroons this weekend 7-0 in the campus tennis center.
Both the Eagle’s doubles and singles players were on target as they drilled away at their opponents at the University’s relatively new indoor facilities.
Sophomore John James, who remains undefeated this season and boasts the title of All-American, beat his Roanoke opponent in a 6-0, 6-0 match. Last year James ended his fall season by capturing the singles championship title of the Wilson/ITA Regional Championships played in Salisbury, Md.
James had a shut out performance beating his opponent, Roanoke’s Kyle Allen 6-0 in both matches.
As one spectator commented on the team’s performance, “they were extremely focused, only focusing on was what was happening on the court.”
University of Mary Washington’s Eddie Carver and Jason Dunn had closer matches versus their opponents, each beating their opponent 6-3 in their first match, and an even closer 7-5 in the second.
Carver also teamed up with teammate Randy Loden to defeat opponents Allen and Sherrill 8-2 in a doubles match.
Roanoke College has had trouble when facing the Mary Washington Eagles within the past few years. During the 2004-2005 season they started the season by playing the Eagles. The results of this game were similar to those of this past Saturday, defeating the team 7-0.
This past season, the Eagles again played the Roanoke Maroons and defeated them 4-3.
Eagle’s fans will have to wait until March 24 for another home match when they play Washington and Lee University.
Until then, the men will hit the road, traveling as far as St. Peter Minn. to participate in the Indoor National Championships.
Following the championships, the team will travel cross-country to the home of reality television show Laguna Beach, Orange, California where they will play Occidental College and Claremont-Mudd Scripps Colleges.
Until then fans and spectators alike must wait and follow the Eagles through the newspapers silently supporting them along the way.
The amalgamation of James’ currently undefeated season and the Eagle’s stamina should provide for a successful season.