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Top 5: Things to Do on a Rare Snow Day

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Remember the blizzard of ‘96?! Sure I do. I truly cherish the memories of losing my Jack Russells in the 4-foot drifts covering my front yard like gross, too-thick icing on a hard Wal-Mart cake. School was cancelled for weeks, the back door wouldn’t open, and we ate a LOT of canned soup. Yes sir, those were the days.
Now, in comparison with the ever-awesome ‘90s, the winter climate in Virginia seems like a tropical paradise. Snow days are indeed few and far between. However, in the event that Old Man Winter decides to grace us with his presence, we should all know how to seize the day.

1. Sleep Until You Can Sleep No More

Face it. You’re in college. You mindlessly sit at your computer either refreshing Facebook, or “doing work” (a.k.a. checking other people’s Facebooks) until 2 a.m. every night. Your eyes are starting to look like your Uncle Bob’s—baggy, greasy and crusty. Nice. Do yourself and those around you a favor, and get some shut eye. Both your body and your friends will end up thanking you.

2. Get on the Horn

You’ve been M.I.A. and your friends and family have come to grips with your disappearance and possible death. Call your mom. Call your best friend. Heck, call your Uncle Bob! It’s a perfect opportunity to grab a blanket, sit by a window, check out the pretty scenery and chat it up with the people you forgot you liked so much.

3. Eat, Drink and be Merry

Whip up some hot chocolate or coffee and chow down on all that junk food you hide from yourself during the week. Forget the gym today. Call your good friends at Hunan Garden instead. Everyone deserves the occasional overindulgence and that “I should probably unbutton my jeans now” feeling that we all hold so dear. If you feel guilty about going it alone, you can most probably convince anyone around to gorge right along with you. Who could pass up an afternoon of hot chocolate and Little Debbies? Mmm.

4. Marathon Time

Not of the physical variety, of course. We’re talking visual. Snow days are the perfect occasion to snuggle up with someone (or maybe even your childhood animal-thing, for those of us enjoying the hot singles’ scene here at UMW) and numb your mind with quality Hollywood entertainment. Believe me, that 20-pound business law book screaming at you from the shelf across the room can wait.

5. Give In and Go Out

Sure, you don’t want to be “that kid” who goes outside to play in the snow. But face it, frolicking in the snow hasn’t lost its luster. You still enjoy it as much as the next 7-year-old. Snowball fights are always fun and a good excuse for harmless flirting. If wet, cold hands aren’t your bag of chips, you can always grab a Seaco tray and enjoy a wet, cold butt while careening recklessly down Arrington hill. Unfortunately though, Seaco trays don’t come with brakes. You might want to wear a mouth guard.