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Staff Editorial

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It’s that time of year again—there’s a certain chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors, the wind is blowing fiercely, and…wait. That’s not right.
There’s humidity in the air, but certainly no chill. And the last time we checked, a lot of the leaves were still pretty green. As far as a breeze goes, the only wind around here comes from the rush of a passing student that’s late for class.
Basically, fall still isn’t here.
We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for some cold weather. Yes, warm weather is great, but not when the high temperature is 94 degrees and the date is already Oct. 24. After four months of heat and humidity, we’re ready for a break.
October is supposed to mean boots and sweaters, not flip-flops and sundresses. We’re supposed to be throwing on scarves as we leave our rooms, not sunglasses.
There’s hardly a dent in any of our fall wardrobes, while our summer outfits are no doubt wrinkled and worn from constant wear.
October is the time for apple cider and warm soup—not iced tea and ice cream cones. It’s time for Mr. Sunshine to take a nap and let Mr. Cold Breeze take over for awhile.
We’re tired of constantly refreshing our homepage only to find that it will indeed be in the high-80s for the whole week. It’s not the same skipping class when it’s so beautiful outside. Give us a gray, cloudy day instead—then we’ll really be able to savor that extra hour of sleep when we should have been in English class.
The only good thing about the extended sunny season is that it has no impact on fall holidays—Halloween will come no matter what the temperature is.
But wouldn’t it be annoying to sweat in your newly purchased costume?
Homecoming was celebrated from Hanover to Rowe, regardless of what colors the leaves were.  And yes, Thanksgiving will still put us in a food-induced coma.
But wouldn’t it be more bearable knowing you’re inside by a crackling fire, protected from the chilly air?
Whatever the weather turns out to be this week or next, we say it’s time to put the beach months behind and prepare for some fall shenanigans. The summer heat may still be here, but autumn officially started weeks ago on Sept. 23.
So throw on the wool sweater that Grandma knit for you, make a pile of leaves and dive in!