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Kyle Cease to Perform at UMW

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On November 6th, Mary Washington will play host to Comedy Central featured comedian and actor Kyle Cease, putting our school on the list of the many colleges he tours. If you have never seen any of his Comedy Central Special or his performance on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” you may recognize him from the film “10 Things I Hate About You,” his film debut, in which he played Bogey Lowenstein.
He also starred as the “slow clapper” in “Not Another Teen Movie.” Yet the arena where Cease’s comedic skills truly shine is stand-up, and from what I have experienced we Mary Washers are all in for a treat.
According to information on Wikipedia, Kyle Cease was born in Seattle, Washington, and already by age eighteen Cease had become one of the most famous comedians in the Pacific Northwest.
Once he was twenty-one he began touring nationally. He has also released a CD/DVD set of his nationwide college tour titled “One Dimple.” It is through this CD that I first came across the humorous genius that is Kyle Cease.
When my crew goes on mini road trips to Nova and back to party at parental-free houses we either listen to our latest mix CDs or stand-up. After spring break on our way back down to Fredericksburg we listened to our friend Matt Potter’s recommendation: Kyle Cease. It turned out he was so funny that our first encounter with his comedic styling almost led to our first fender-bender.
Although I was not behind the wheel, Cease’s joke about the Pillsbury doughboy dancing on counters to unfazed housewives everywhere caused everyone riding in the car to laugh so hard it required whoever was riding shotgun at the time to yell out “dude!” in order to prevent us from bumping into the car ahead, which had suddenly braked.
Here is a taste of what we heard: “The Pillsbury doughboy just dancing around on people’s counters and they were totally cool about it…’Oh Pillsbury doughboy it’s so normal you’re here.’ No it’s not! It’s a two inch tall guy on your counter, and he’s so excited about nothing. They’ll just be pulling cookies out of an oven and he’ll be like ‘Cookies!’ like he can’t believe cookies come out of an oven.”
It was the famous “Cookies” catch phrase that did us in. If you have ever heard this material before though, you know it was worth it.
Speaking of that catch-phrase, that is how Will Copps, head of Giant Productions and Bullet editor in chief, chose to wrap up his e-mail to Kyle Cease himself, offering him to come perform at our school. Obviously, it worked.
It quickly becomes clear on his CD “One Dimple” why Cease is so popular with the college crowd. Cease brings up funny commercials of the past, the original Nintendo, the entertainment of college students
“Our WalMart’s open 24 hours. And that’s not fun at all you guys. Who needs WalMart open 24 hours? Have you ever woken up at four in the morning going ‘Right now I need a watch, a candy bar, and an alligator pool, is there anywhere that has all three of those things?’’
A joke I think all of us at Mary Wash, situated in the busy and glamorous metropolis Fredericksburg, can relate to.
According to Wikipedia information, Kyle Cease’s very own “Comedy Central Presents” that aired in 2006 received such good response that Cease announced on January 10, 2007 on his official Myspace blog that he was going to shoot a one hour stand-up special for Comedy Central.
The title of the special “Weirder, Blacker, Dimpler” was announced on March 15, 2007. The special premiered on the night of October 13.
Various videos from Kyle Cease’s stand-up performances can be seen on Comedy Central’s website or of course on YouTube. Hit up either of these sites to preview what is probably going to be one of the funniest stand-up performances this school has seen.