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Police Beat

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Oct. 20- At 4:44 p.m., campus police summoned  emergency medical assistance to the corner of College Ave and Hanover St where a lone, semi-conscious  female student had been found lying face-up on the concrete across from the Tennis Center. The responding officers decided to hospitalize the under-responsive Mason Hall resident after surveying the chunks of vomit dotting the 19-year-old’s UMW-colored sweatshirt. Campus police and Fredericksburg Police joined forces to facilitate ambulance transport for the student, which was complicated by Homecoming traffic congestion.  At the officers’ discretion, the student was not charged with drunk in public, and instead received an administrative referral.

Oct. 22- At 7:22 p.m., a fire alarm sent campus police scrambling to Mason Hall where a would-be chef had unwittingly triggered the alert with her birthday dinner.  The 20-year-old student was flustered by the interruption to her solitary meal in the second-floor lounge, but her dinner survived the minor smoke fumes.  Police evidence photos reveal that her fried eggs were still edible—and sunny-side up.

Oct. 22- At 10:59 p.m., an officer on bike patrol was forced to intervene after involuntarily witnessing a fountain-side peep-show. The officer had to repeat several cease and desist orders to a man perched atop the rim of the Palmieri plaza fountain who had unbuttoned, unzipped, and begun to drop his trousers.  The man leapt down from the fountain after noticing the officer, but his escape path was cut short by the bike officer’s two-wheeled counter-maneuver.  The man initially insisted that he was not a student and refused to provide the officer with identification, but when pressed produced an EagleOne card identifying him as a South hall resident. The 20-year-old received an administrative referral for failing to respond, and an honor referral for allegedly lying to the officer about his student status.

Oct. 23- At 5:25 p.m., Five Bushnell Hall residents who were attempting to light a fire on the grassy hill across from the police station were interrupted by two campus police officers who had had witnessed the group’s antics through the Brent Hall windows.  The officers handed down a round of administrative referrals to all five 19-year-olds when the students allegedly laughed in the officers faces after being advised to smother the small flame.
Oct. 28- At 12:37 a.m., sophomore residential student Jessie Nash was arrested near Seacobeck St on College Ave.  The arresting officer described the 20-year-old as being visibly intoxicated, and issued Nash with a misdemeanor charge for allegedly being drunk in public.  Nash was transported to Rappahannock Regional Jail for a one-night stay.

Oct. 28- At 3:55 a.m., a distraught Alvey Hall RA requested police assistance after finding a pool of urine floating in an empty dryer on the 2nd floor laundry room.  Responding officers found a trail of trash leading down the hallway towards the laundry room where an instructional sign had been forcibly removed from the wall.  There are no suspects or witnesses in the investigation.

Oct. 28- At 6:14 a.m., a University employee alerted police that an act of vandalism had occurred in the Woodard Campus Center over the weekend.  Investigating officers learned that the reported offense, graffiti covering the Washroom windows, was not the act of a vandal, but of a school-sanctioned artist who was decorating for Halloween festivities.