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That's What She Said…

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Forget candle lit dinners, romantic love letters and cuddle time with your boyfriend.  Technology has taken the place of basic human interaction.

I never had a problem with video games until I realized how many male college students prefer playing them to meeting new people, or even worse, to hanging out with their significant other.

Yes, it is 2008 and the world is constantly advancing technologically, but video games as a replacement for relationships is truly heartbreaking.

This is not just a local phenomenon.

Whenever I visit my friends at other schools, their boyfriends do not leave the television to eat, socialize or even party with any of their other friends.

What senior in college wants to spend all of their time in their living room glued to the television screen?

They should be off enjoying their last months in college, living it up before they have to enter the real world.  Now is the time to be partying, not vegging.

Watching my friends plead with their boyfriends to stop playing these games made me realize that nobody should have to beg for somebody’s attention.

It’s bad enough that your boyfriend might dump you for another person, but being ditched for a video game is even worse.

As much as they might hate for you to point this out, the characters on the screen are not real!

Yet, “Halo,” “World of Warcraft” and “Wii Tennis” might as well be certified extracurricular activities since so many people devote their lives to these alternate realities.

I always thought that college would be where I would find that perfect guy, but it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought since few boys are willing to take their eyes off their games.

I guess this is just an aspect of life in the 21st century that I better get used to.

But still, I beg all extreme gamers: come back to reality, please.
Don’t just do it for me, and don’t just do it for a potential hook-up.
Do it for your own good.

I promise your Playstation will still be in your room where you left it when you get back from being in the real world.