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Heidi Montag Fails to Become the Next Britney

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By Charlotta Jarborg

After watching Heidi Montag’s heavily discussed debut video for her first single “Higher,” I am beginning to have second thoughts on whether or not this girl can fill Britney Spears’ shoes.

I was hoping that while Britney was busy with being in and out of the psychiatric ward, dating paparazzo and battling over custody with K-Fed, we could all turn to Heidi for some fresh, blonde, bimbo pop.

First, let’s start with a quick reminder on Heidi Montag. Besides starring in MTV’s most watched reality show “The Hills,” she has lately been trying to explore a new career in music.

The leaked tune “Body Language” that spilled into the Internet a couple of months ago had all the potential to become a pretty decent hit. Why Montag didn’t choose this song as her first video baffles me.

“Higher,” the song she chose to be her representative first single, does not even come close to being as catchy or as well produced. Both the video and the song come off as homemade.

One of the biggest disappointments with this new track is Heidi Montag’s voice. Not that “Body Language” demonstrated any belting skills, but there was a sleek, feline essence to it that draws you in.

This time, Montag gives ad-libbed belting a go, and the result is almost embarrassing. If I were a DJ, I’m not sure what I would say to the listeners after playing that song other than, “Sorry about that.”

Listen to it. I think you’ll know what I mean. She tries, she definitely tries. However, reaching those high notes is not her strong suit. She would be better off sticking to her “enticing” range.

Speaking of embarrassing, up next is the video. I first caught a glimpse of this cringe-making, Girls Gone Wild-inspired beach fest on where else but He aptly titled this post: “So Awesomely Awesome Bad!!!” which I think sums it all up nicely.

Just as her boyfriend Spencer Pratt, ahem, helped her out with his “rap” on “Body Language,” this time Pratt sprinkles the sleaze dust by being the director of this video.

First of all, it doesn’t even look like a music video. The look of it would clash so horribly against most videos you see on MTV or VH1 (when they actually play music videos) that it would be difficult to take it seriously in any top video countdown.

The direction Pratt gave Heidi definitely seems off. I can picture Pratt yelling to Heidi to keep moving, to be active and to give more arm gestures, and the result is very amateur.

It is as if they were worried the finished product would look stiff or boring if she took a break from doing something with her arms for one second.

So happy viewing, who knows, you might like it. Here is hoping that Heidi Montag will quickly release a second video to that first leaked track.

Remember how she was worried that the leaked song would give people the wrong first idea of her “sound?” Well, she was right.