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Brett Michaels Falls In Love, Gets Action

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By Landon James
Hide your children; it’s another reality television show come to take over all your free time and thoughts.
And this time, the show has Bret Michaels from Poison in it, so you know it must be good.
“Rock of Love 2” is the stereotypical reality show.  One man, multitudes of women flocking to kiss the very soil he walks, and enough pointless challenges to make you barf.  Yet, this one is different…I liked it.
Bret Michaels is no dummy and he is a genuine contender in the hall of fame of single male reality figures, kind of a Rocky Balboa of the television ring.
And I love Rocky Balboa.
The 90-minute season finale premiered on VH1 at 9 p.m. on April 13, 2007, and it did not disappoint.
Michaels had whittled his collection of women down to two bodacious hopefuls, Ambre Lake and Daisy De La Hoya.
Ambre was a smart, beautiful, sensible woman who almost got eliminated during the very first show.  Tall and lean, Lake was all-natural.
Daisy was not.
A plastic Barbie doll who would be better for the environment if recycled, she used her sexuality from day one to win Michaels’s heart.  And it seemed to be working; yet Michaels noted he wanted to connect on a more “cerebral” level.
Daisy was not very bright either. If a wayward cannibal were to crack her head open and eat its contents, there would not be enough to fill a small Ritz cracker.
When the finale begins, each girl finds out she gets one final date with Michaels lasting an entire day.  Ambre goes first and the poison begins dripping from Daisy’s mouth.  Ambre beats her at a quick game of wits and goes on a tremendous date complete with massages.
However, she finally got Michaels’ attention when she attended dinner commando style.
Daisy’s date was not so successful.
Michaels takes her out on his yacht to do some deep-sea fishing; however, Daisy’s stomach would have another say in the matter.
Shortly after departure Daisy begins hurling her guts out and I was actually surprised they showed every last bit of her meals being hurled over the side of the boat.  She’ll forever be known in my book as Daisy “Dang There’s My Lunch.”
Daisy is the stereotypical, tattooed, plastic girl that most rockers end up with.  Not this time.
Michaels picked Ambre who was absolutely glowing as soon as she walked on the scene.
Daisy’s left saying she just wanted to crawl up in a corner and eat some ice cream.  Hopefully, the ice cream comes with a brain.
Rock of Love 2 is one of the only reality dating shows where I was actually happy with the conclusion.  He appears to be genuine, he is not dumb, and he picks the girl that best suits him, not the stereotypes surrounding his rock stardom.
Eat your heart out Flavor Flav, because Michaels loves Ambre and it is real love, because everything on television is real.