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Hurley Relays UMW: The Board of Visitors Appoints Hurley Transitiono Team Leader for Soon-to-be Pres. Hample

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By Justin Toney

As has been standard policy at Mary Washington for all past presidential hires, the Board of Visitors has asked the University community not to contact incoming President Judy Hample.
In a March 20 letter to the University community, Rector Bill Poole named a nintermediary between Hample and anyone wishing to contact her before she officially begins her duties as president on July 1 of this year.
This means that acting University President and Vice President for Administration and Finance Rick Hurley has yet another title to add to his collection.
As the Transition Team Leader, one of Hurley’s primary duties is to act as a liaison between the University of Mary Washington and its newly appointed President Hample.
“It’s a more efficient use of her time if I collect peoples’ wants and needs, and deliver them to her,” said Hurley.
In an interview, Hurley recalled an instance in which he sent Hample a summary of the University’s ongoing Dalgrin project.
According to Hurley, he apologized for taking up more of her time, and Hample thanked him for recognizing that she already has a job.
Until July 1 when she officially becomes UMW President, Hample will continue to serve in her current position as chancelor for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.
According to Hurley, Hample is working to train her replacement.
The Board of Visitors have followed this proceedure in the past when they appointed Vice President of Information and Technology Chip German as the point of contact for former President William J. Frawley while Frawley still worked for George Mason University.