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Mock 7.0

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By Joey Merkel

The football world was treated to a taste of the Draft earlier this week when the Miami Dolphins, who hold the first pick in the NFL Draft, came to a contractual agreement with University of Michigan offensive tackle, Jake Long.
By agreeing prior to the draft, it ensures that Long will be taken number one, along with that the Dolphins no longer have to worry about a holdout similar to the likes of the Oakland Raiders and quarterback Jamarcus Russell last year.
Russell held out of training camp and did not play in preseason games because he and the Raiders could not meet a monetary compromise.
Other big moves that will potentially impact this Saturday’s draft came in trade-form. The Kansas City Chiefs, who hold the number five overall pick, agreed to send defensive end Jared Allen to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for their first round pick plus both of the Vikings’ third round picks. The teams also swapped sixth round picks.
The Redskins, desperate for a dominant wide receiver, offered the Cincinnati Bengals a first round pick along with a conditional third round pick for Chad Johnson. The third round pick had the potential to become a first rounder if Johnson reached certain performance levels.
However, the Bengals declined Washington’s offer, holding strong to their choice to not trade Johnson.
With the draft just two days away, here is my final first round mock draft.