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Top Five Reasons to Hate Warmer Weather

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By Claire Copps
Ball Circle
Our closet thing to a campus “quad,” and it gets flooded with people. If you want to go play some football, good luck with all the sunbathing girls taking up half of the grass and leaving about enough room for about one game of Frisbee. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to go tan when it’s 70 degrees out then Godspeed. Just try to get one of those prime spots along campus walk where everyone can see you so people can have some room to play.
That leads into my next concern, which would be the wardrobe choices of people on campus. I think only my fellow girls here will understand my point, but since when did a high of 60 make it dress and miniskirt weather? I know if it’s 80 degrees out you might want to dress nice and summery, but even though you might be next to a guy in a beater and plaid shorts, we are not going to class a barbeque in July. Maybe invest in some sweats—they make life pretty fantastic.
The Smell
I don’t know why this horrid smell comes out on campus in the spring, but if you are walking by the Nest area or down by Jepson, you are in for quite a time. Reminiscent of a sewage plant, it gets bad enough that you have to cover your face and speed up just to escape. It’s hard to elaborate because the experience is just that indescribable.
Nothing is worse than going to class and realizing practically everyone else skipped. To add insult to injury, the windows in your classroom are usually open in this circumstance and you can hear everyone having fun outside. It never happens that you get bonus points for coming to class; you just realize you could have skipped and it wouldn’t have mattered. In no way am I advocating skipping classes, but I guarantee it is a terrible feeling when this happens.
Nice weather always means end of the year finals—the last step before your summer plans. This is the point where you see that you have three exams in one day and realize you probably should have started studying prior to the night before. To top it all off, you usually wind up with the last final exam time imaginable. For all of you who are as lucky as I am, I’ll be seeing you around campus until Friday afternoon.