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Break-in at Brompton

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By Kat Saunders
On April 13, 2008, an intruder broke into Brompton, the University’s presidential mansion.  Vice President Rick Hurley, then working as the Acting President, was at the residence when the break in occurred.
According to Hurley, his wife Rose was entering the kitchen when she encountered a man coming into the house through the basement stairs.  Startled, she screamed that someone was in the room.
Hurley grabbed his wife, and the two ran from the house and contacted the police at 6:33 p.m.
Although Brompton is equipped with an alarm system, it was not activated during the evening of the break in.
“We never used it because we felt so safe in the house,” said Hurley.
No similar incident has occurred at the residence since 1946, when the University bought the property.
The University Polices listed “Burglary, Breaking and Entering,” “Grand Larceny” and “Obstruction of Justice” on the crime log for the event, but did not provide further details on the case.  An arrest was made on April 13.
After the break in, security patrol of the grounds were increased and additional lights, including motion activated lighting, were installed.
Hurley and his family remained at Brompton until late May.  Hurley said that the family enjoyed their time living there, and felt safe in the residence and on campus.
“I think it was an isolated instance but it points out that everyone should be aware of their surroundings and taking precautions to ensure their safety,” he said.