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Class Council, Giant to Host Concert in Market Square

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This Saturday, University of Mary Washington students and local residents of Fredericksburg have the unique opportunity of enjoying free entertainment and free food in Market Square from 3 to 7 p.m. Market Sqaure is behind the Fredericksburg Museum, at 907 Princess Anne St.

The event will include live performances by Third Stream Giants, The Alex Mejias Band, and Junk Science in addition to free pizza and soda from Papa John’s. The concert is sponsored by Class Council and Giant Productions.

Besides the free food and entertainment, by attending, you’d be supporting what Chelsea Devening, president of the class of 2010, calls a recent tradition.

Market Square has played host to two past concerts during Junior Ring Week.

Patrick Whelan, president of the class of 2009, offered insight into why the tradition began in the first place.  According to him, there was once tension between local residents and UMW students.

In a way to reconcile their differences, a free concert open to everyone was one way to help bring the community together and bridge the gap between students and local residents.

Chrissie Woolsey, who is the senior co-chair of Giant Production, agreed that one of the primary goals of the Market Square Concert this Saturday is to “try and help forge a better relationship between University of Mary Washington students and the local community.”