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Invisible Children to Hold Date Auction

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After my audition for this year’s Invisible Children Date Auction, I predict the night will be filled with a character or two.

Dancing, hotties strutting their stuff, and prizes for the bidders including gift certificates to restaurants from around the Fredericksburg area like Buffalo Wild Wings, Noodles & Co., Outback, Tropical Smoothie, etc.

Invisible Children is a charitable organization that raises money to help feed, clothe, and educate African orphans.

Donations are expected because it is a charity event and the Invisible Children will not be charging a fee to the event. A donation must be made—recommended $1 or more—via cash, check, EagleOne, or credit in order to receive a ticket to the event.

If my audition was any sign of what’s in store at this year’s date auction this event can’t be missed.

After I signed in and received a call number I took a seat. I sat, waited and watched as the lecture hall filled almost to capacity in a rapid amount of time.

The girl who told me to sign in gave told us to line up with our numbers and take pictures. I got in line, had my picture taken and sat down to await the silliness to come.

Once photographs were taken and everyone was seated the girl introduced herself as Katherine Knopf, vice president of the Invisible Children at UMW.

“You’ll be bid on. Walk off stage and into the sunset. And by that I mean you’ll walk off stage and be paid for,” joked Knopf who assured participants that the date auction was not prostitution “because I’m not making money off of you.”

Those of us in the seats were then asked to bring down our self-written bios to be read aloud by Knopf while we stood on stage and did a little dance. After our bios were read—some of them being quite scandalous, outrageous and fairly entertaining—were asked one question.

For example, “What celebrity would you want to be your mother and why?” or “If you were stranded on a deserted island what one thing would you bring?”

Answers to these questions and more will be found at UMW’s Second Annual Date Auction. The highest bid last year was for $195. So bring your friends and and don’t forget your wallets.