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The Rev. George O. Lowe, 71, was convicted on Tuesday, Sept. 2 of molesting Benjamin Marsh, 40, more than 20 years ago, beginning in March of 1984. The abuse lasted several years, often on Mount Hope Baptist Church. The bulk of evidence against Lowe came from a private conversation between Marsh and Lowe in which Marsh wore a hidden wire. Lowe was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but 5 were suspended. (The Free Lance-Star, Sept. 3)

On Friday, August 30, Tiffany Corinealdi, 20, and a male accomplice attempted to return a television that they had stolen from the Rent-A-Center at the Fredericksburg Park & Shop on Route 1 to the Circuit City in Central Park for a refund. The Circuit City manager helping them recognized the Rent-A-Center barcode still on the unopened box and called police. The man left before they arrived and still has not been found. Corinealdi has been charged with three counts of larceny and attempting to obtain money by false pretenses. (The Free Lance-Star, Sept. 3)

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin was interviewed late in the process of selecting Senator John McCain’s running mate. She was not subjected to a lengthy personal background interview until last Wednesday, the day before McCain’s offerred her candidacy. Of all the candidates considered, McCain was least familiar with her. The recent pregnancy of her 17-year-old daughter was revealed during the Wednesday interview, before McCain made his decision. (Washington Post, Sept. 3)

Hurricane Gustav hit the southern coast of Louisiana on Sept. 1, almost three years to the day that Hurricane Katrina made landfall. Due to better planning and preparation and because Gustav was only a Category 2 hurricane, there was far less damage and fewer deaths than in Katrina. The federal government intends to continue its levee repair operation, to be completed in 2011. (Washington Post, Sept. 3)

Oil prices dropped $5.75 for a total cost of $109.71 per barrel on Tuesday, Sept. 2. This continues the downward trend occurring since the peak July 11 at almost $147. However, other item prices, such as toothpaste, lotion, plastic products and more, have not followed this trend yet. The companies that produce them are still recovering from the run-up of gas prices in the summer, as well as the slight increase in gas prices over the past week due to Hurricane Gustav, requiring the use of more expensive foreign oil to make up for the loss as refineries in the Gulf of Mexico prepared to sustain damages. (The New York Times, Sept. 3)

20 people were killed at 3 am on Wednesday, Sept. 3 in Pakistan when US and Afghan forces crossed into the country from Afghanistan, where they were pursuing Taliban insurgents. The US landed three helicopters inside the border and launched a ground assault on three houses where the insurgents were suspected to be hiding. Several women and children in the homes were killed. The Pakistani government is strongly opposed to the presence of NATO-led ISAF forces in Pakistan. This marks the first known instance that US troops conducted an operation on their soil since the war in Afghanistan began. (Washington Post, Sept. 3)