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Improv Troupe Starts Second Semester With a Bang

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By Danielle Velardi

Combs 139 held a steady crowd Friday night as members of the Undeniably Adjacent performed three different half-hour shows.  Each show startsedwith a one word suggestion from the audience.  From there the members perform what is called the pattern game in order to generate scene ideas.
“Turtle!”  A member of the audience yelled and the cast began the second show of the night.  From this one word suggestion the cast explored spin offs such as Pokémon, Squirtle, gotta catch ‘em all, and sexually transmitted diseases.
The momentum of the show picked up once cast members started doing what they call second beats of the scene.  Second beats refers to coming back to a scene previously performed.  Most of the scenes started out with two cast members.  However, as the scene progressed others would jump in and out.
The show was not intended for those with weak stomachs or the easily offended.  Orgies, sexually transmitted diseases, and other outlandish comments were at times the crux of the show.  The Undeniably Adjacent will not censor themselves for their adult audience.
Co-directors Kyle Dratwa and Melissa Falkenstern were pleased with the outcome of their first show of the semester.
Falkenstern said, “The show went well, especially the scenes that Melissa Falkenstern was in.”
Judging by audience reaction, the Undeniably Adjacent deliver on the promises of their Facebook events: fun and entertainment.
In the past, the cast members have varied throughout the three shows, however, only seven members were able to perform on Friday night. From the moment those seven members danced into the room to start the first show to the closing of the third, they managed to deliver a spectacular performance.  There did not appear to be one unsatisfied face in Combs on Friday night and I suspect that every show from here on out will have the same vigor.