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Study at sungshin: seoul’s sungshin university visits mary washington to present students with study-abroad opportunities.

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Representatives from Sungshin Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea visited the University of Mary Washington on Thursday to talk to students about study abroad and post-graduation opportunities.

June Yoon, a Korean exchange student, had a lot to say about the Korean exchange program.
“There are programs available for everyone,” Yoon said.

Sungshin University offers majors in subjects ranging from Biology to Liberal Arts to Media Communication.

“The University is specialized in nursing. It is a part of the National Hospital Nursing College, which is a huge accomplishment,” Yoon said.

“There are many different advantages to studying in Korea,” Yoon said, “It’s good to go somewhere else and experience a different culture.”

Sungshin Women’s University is located centrally in Seoul, close to downtown, where many shops and restaurants are located.

“The metro is five minutes from school, there are buses from the University to tourist places.  Other schools are located very close to the University,” Yoon said.

According to Yoon, exchange students typically take fewer than 18 credits, usually around 15 credit hours per semester.

“The University is putting forth an effort to teach in English,” Yoon said.

She added that every professor has the ability to teach in English, since they usually receive diplomas overseas or in English-speaking countries.  Exchange students also have the option to take classes in Korean, if they so choose.

Sungshin University also offers a variety of Korean language classes.

“Korean students are very friendly; they are eager to meet new students,” said Yoon.  Exchange students have the option to live with a Korean student to make the transition from the United States to Korea easier.

Sungshin Women’s University has all of the amenities that UMW has, including a counseling center and clubs available for all students to join, which vary from art-related to community service.
Exchange students have many employment opportunities in Seoul, according to Yoon.

“Students can get jobs teaching English, from Kindergarten up, or do private tutoring part-time,” Yoon said.

“The Korean culture is very unique,” Yoon said. “Seoul is a good place to experience the culture.”  Yoon said that the Korean economy is changing and developing, so Korea is becoming a bigger international influence then ever before.

The Office of International Academic Services (IAS) can be contacted for more information regarding the UMW Korean exchange program at Sungshin Women’s University.Study at SungshinStudy at Sungshin