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Dream Title Match Up

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The NBA playoffs are under way and the championship match up seems as though it has already been determined. The top-seeded Lakers in the western conference and the top-seeded Cavaliers of the eastern conference seem to be on a collision course for the finals and if those two don’t meet to battle for the NBA crown it would be not only surprising, but extremely disappointing.
Many believed that the Lakers main competition in the West would come via the San Antonio Spurs. However, the Spurs took a big hit when they lost star guard Manu Ginobli for the entire playoffs due to an ankle injury. The Denver Nuggets are the second-seed in the West, but very few people are buying in to their legitimacy as a true title-contender.

The Cavaliers looked to have the tougher road to reach this dream NBA Finals match up. After all, they would have to go through the defending champion Boston Celtics in order to even play for the crown. Yet injury struck once again as the Celtics lost their best player, Kevin Garnett, for the entirety of the playoffs due to a knee injury. The Orlando Magic are the third seed in the East, however they lost All-Star Jameer Nelson for the year back in early February and they don’t seem to have strong enough guard play to up-end the Cavs.
People want to see Kobe Bryant and Lebron James square off against one another in what would undoubtedly make for an epic series. The MVP from a season ago Bryant against the surefire MVP for this season James surely wouldn’t disappoint. The NBA would love this match up as well as it would help the dwindling television ratings the sport has had in recent years. The storylines for this match up would be unending; the two team USA basketball teammates now going mano y mano for the NBA title. The two best players in the sport vying for the title and possibly Kobe passing the torch of that coveted “greatest player in the game” onto King James. If one thing is for certain, it is that Lebron and Kobe get ratings, thus why NBA commissioner David Stern is currently praying every night for this to happen.

If somehow one of these teams falters and doesn’t reach the finals, it would be a failed season for them and for the NBA. No one wants to see a Denver/Orlando final. Carmelo Anthony going up against Dwight Howard? That doesn’t get the job done. The NBA desperately needs the finals to be Lakers/Cavs.
The NBA’s current ad campaign is “The NBA, Where Amazing Happens.” That should be changed to “The NBA, Where Lebron vs. Kobe Happens…or else…” Anything else couldn’t be described any other way then pure disappointment.