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E-mail Switch Confuses Users

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The University of Mary Washington discontinued its use of Novell Netmail ( and began using Live@edu, its new primary e-mail service, on Aug. 1.
The new webmail system, which is supported by, a service provided by Microsoft, has many new features that enable users to create a website, manage their e-mail from their phone, create a user profile and share pictures with other users.
Some students, like senior Catelin Wrigley, were unaware of the e-mail change and were surprised when they tried to log into their old account and did not understand how to use the new updated system.

“ At first I was confused,” Wrigley said. “ I was under the impression that I had to create a whole new e-mail, and I was trying to figure out how my professors would know how to reach me.”
The new student e-mail was launched on Dec. 1, 2008. An e-mail sent out to students on this date gave instructions on how to set up their account, as well as how to forward important e-mails to the new address from the Novell Netmail address.
The next day, the new student e-mail was temporarily blocked to uncover a glitch, but was unblocked three days later. Two e-mails regarding these issues were sent out to students.
Up until Aug. 1, students were able to use both their old and new accounts. After the switch, e-mails that would have been received in the Novell account would now be automatically sent to the new address, due to a mail enabled contact that the University worked out with Microsoft.
E-mails from Banner and Eaglelink have been directed toward the new student email addresses. As a result, students will no longer receive mail in their old student accounts. Students may send e-mails to either address.
“As of Aug. 1, there have been no technical problems with the new student e-mail,” Pam Lowery, director of student services, said.
Senior Ashley Scharf is content with the new e-mail system.
“Outlook works fine,” Scharf said. “I like the new e-mail a lot and how it functions.”
Lowery said one possible reason why students are still not up-to-date with the new email system is because e-mails concerning it have been deleted.
“Students have put those notifications in the trash,” Lowery said.
Scharf admits that she is guilty of this.
“My roommates and I saw all the notifications on webmail, but we just deleted them,” Scharf said. “I guess I should have paid more attention to my e-mail. “
Senior Catelin Wrigley, who is now familiar with the e-mail system, still thinks that more could have been done to make the transition to the new e-mail system smoother.
“Even though they had emailed us numerous times, there should have been more of a clarification of what to do,” Wrigley said.