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NFL Playoff Picks

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By Zach Moretti

1st Round
Cowboys vs. Packers: These teams are pretty even, but Cowboys QB Tony Romo has playoff experience (all be it playoff failures) while Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers has none. It’s time the Cowboys break through and win a playoff game.

Bears vs. Seahawks: Chicago gets a good draw with Seattle. The Seahawks aren’t that good but get into the playoffs because of their weak division. The Bears are simply a more complete team, and that’s why they advance.

Titans vs. Steelers: The two meet in the first round of the playoffs for the second straight year, only this time in Pittsburgh. Heinz Field is a very tough place to play and the Steelers have a big edge at the QB position.

Ravens vs. Colts: Baltimore’s defense should slow the Colts some, but Peyton Manning and that offense are simply too strong to be shut down completely. It should be a close game, but the money is on Manning over Flacco in a late drive situation.

2nd Round
Cowboys vs. Saints: The Saints have home field advantage and their offense simply proves to be too much for Dallas as the Cowboys don’t have the weapons to score with New Orleans.

Bears vs. Giants: The Bears got some confidence from their first round win and they aren’t bothered by January weather in New York. Chicago has more weapons in the passing game and thus are the victors.

Steelers vs. Chargers: A rematch of last year’s divisional match-up, except for this time the Chargers are victorious. With the game in San Diego and a healthy LaDainian Tomlinson, the Chargers are the better team.

Colts vs. Patriots: This classic matchup pits these rival teams and the two best QBs of this generation against one another. New England wins a shootout with another game winning drive by Tom Brady.

Championship Games
Bears vs. Saints: Chicago has the better defense but the Saints have the superior offense. The Bears good defense will slow down the Saints great offense while the New Orleans poor defense will only make Jay Cutler and the Chicago offense look better. The old saying goes that defense wins championships and that’s why the Bears win.

Chargers vs. Patriots: Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers are both great QBs and both teams have good defenses. But in a game with probably the two most talented teams in the league, it comes down to coaching. No offense to Norv Turner, but Bill Belichick is a Hall of Fame coach and that’s why the Pats win a close one.

Super Bowl
Bears vs. Patriots: New England isn’t going to get this close again and lose like they did back in Super Bowl XLII. Jay Cutler will go on a nice run in his first playoff appearance, but seldom does one win it all on their first go-round. The Patriots have great coaching, a great quarterback and playoff experience, and that’s why they win their fourth Super Bowl in the Brady/Belichick era.