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Islamic Students Association Invites Students to Annual Fast-a-thon

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Students enjoyed the Middle-Eastern fare at an ISA feast last year.
Students enjoyed the Middle-Eastern fare at an ISA feast last year.

Fasting is not only a religious practice that Muslims follow during the month of Ramadan, but it’s also a huge part of Middle Eastern culture.   On Thursday Sept. 17, the Islamic Student Association will be celebrating this culture with the third annual Fast-a-thon, a free campus-wide Middle-eastern feast in Great Hall.
ISA volunteers will be serving up Middle Eastern dishes including chicken tikka, masala chick peas, shirazi salad, pita bread and rice. During Fast-a-thon, ISA invites students to join them in a day of fasting by giving up anything of their choice.  Before enjoying the food at Fast-a-thon, participants will be giving a chance to discuss and share their experience of the day.
“Most students had very good time last year,” said ISA Treasurer Waqas Humayon.
ISA sponsors similar events throughout the year to raise awareness of Islamic culture.  The club also provides Muslim students a place to get together and celebrate a shared culture.  At the same time, ISA welcomes any student who may be interested in learning about Islam or just Islamic culture.  Like many other minority organizations, ISA is also a part of the James Farmer Multicultural Center.