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Republican Candidate Speaks to the Bullet

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Bob McDonnell, the former attorney general and current Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, was in downtown Fredericksburg Sept. 13, visiting small businesses and interacting with prospective voters.

Bullet: If elected, what do you hope to accomplish for college students?

Bob McDonnell: The first thing I want to do is to get them jobs. We have to reduce rates of tuition, or at least put at cap on it. I have a long list of initiatives to help move our state forward.

B: College students have many concerns. What makes you especially capable of addressing our issues?

BM: I’ve got five kids myself, so I know about this. One daughter actually spent a semester at Mary Washington, before coming back home to Old Dominion.

B: What is the one message you want to impart on the students of the Mary Washington Community?

BM: I would say two things to college students: Get involved with your government, get informed, and make a good decision. It’s important to care about who your governor will be. It’s regrettable. Here, 30 percent of people vote. In Iraq seventy percent of people came out and voted. And dream big. I still believe in the American Dream. You can be anything you want in America.