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Video update: watt smith at university cafe

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For those who had papers due Friday morning, or who were just too intimidated by the $9 door charge, no need to worry about missing out on the laughs at Thursday night’s comedy show at the University Cafe. The Bullet stopped by to catch UMW alum Watt Smith doing his thing in front of a mixed crowd of fellow comedians, college kids and Fredericksburg residents. Turns out Smith, who left school last year, has been writing with both hands since moving out to L.A. to pursue his dreams of being a comic. In his 30 minute set, Smith handled everything from Young Jeezy to squirrel sex to drunken mo-hawked hecklers without missing a beat or a punchline. Unfortunately, YouTube isn’t allowing us to show the whole thing, but here are our contenders for funniest jokes of the night:  (forewarning: the following jokes are anything but PG.  Reader discretion advised.)

Thanks to University Cafe for allowing the Bullet to film the performance.