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Video Update: Rocktoberfest and The Green Boys

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For a campus where “there’s never anything to do,” this Friday was pretty jam-packed. Rocktoberfest returned with the expected number of commemorative plastic cups, a yearly dose of emo-leaning pop punk, and Allman’s always-tasty Bar-B-Q. For those who missed out, you’re going to have to actually pay for that pulled pork sandwich now, but at least you can still watch We the Kings work their head-bobbing magic for free:

Then, as if hearing half the campus sing along to a Jimmy Eat World cover wasn’t enough music for one night, The Green Boys set up shop at the Underground at 9 p.m. Despite promotional posters listing their music as “American Folklore,” The Boys, who refrained from telling any folk yarns Friday night, played a one hour set of bluegrass, alt-country and folky Americana to the seated, cheering crowd, many of whom walked in from Friday Night Dry. With our batteries running low from Rocktoberfest, The Bullet could only get a Green Boys’ favorite, “Run Time Blues,” as well as a banjo-adorned cover of Everly Brothers’ classic, “All I Gotta Do is Dream,” on tape:

Thanks to Miles Dumville and Heather Brady for helping man the camera during Rocktoberfest

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